The Paperback of the Your Food Is Fooling You: How Your Brain Is Hijacked by Sugar, Fat, and Salt by David A. Kessler at Barnes & Noble. Your Food Is Fooling You is a readable, authoritative, and entertaining call to action by one of our nation's leading public health figures. Your Food is Fooling You by David A. Kessler – Book Review. Book Reviews / By RE Branch. How your Brain is Highjacked by Sugar, Fat and Salt.


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Then, of course, there are fast food meals—fried chicken, pizza, burgers, and fries. A lot of this processed food is marketed to young people.

Your Food is Fooling You by David A. Kessler – Book Review | Absolutely Thin

Fast food restaurants, high-energy drinks, candy bars, and other snacks are all heavily advertised to teens. You may even have candy and soda vending machines in your school. Your school cafeteria may be serving this highly processed food.


Food companies make these foods with very large amounts of your food is fooling you ingredients—sugar, fat, and salt. Sugar, Fat, and Salt These three ingredients, when put together in the right amounts, make us eat more.

Instead of satisfying our hunger, these foods train our bodies and our brains to want more. And food companies, including fast food chains, understand this very well. They are hard at work to make new foods that will get us to keep eating.

Your Food is Fooling You by David A. Kessler – Book Review

Foods that come to us without added sugar, salt, and fat are healthy and delicious—and they do not make us overeat. For some people, overeating may not be a problem.

It takes your food is fooling you time and practice to retrain your brain. But the good news is that it can be done. The first step is to understand why some foods make us crave more food. Then you can learn how to stop the cravings. His style of writing made it seem as if he wrote to inform a crowd of individuals about a topic, instead of writing it as if he was targeting a crowd of random people.

All of this made the book more interesting for me to read. However, something that I didn't like about this book was that parts of it seemed somewhat repetitive.


It seemed like the author was trying to clarify that the reader understood the information, but, to me, it felt like I was reading the same facts in many different parts of the book. I learned a lot while reading Your Food is Fooling You. The most re-visited fact in this book was that America is obese because Americans overeat way too much.

While I already knew that this was a fact, I had your food is fooling you questioned why Americans overeat so much or why certain foods are harder to resist than others. However, when I picked up this book, I began to question why and your food is fooling you about topics that I had never entirely considered before.

Book Review: "Your Food Is Fooling You" by David A. Kessler, M.D. - Think, Eat, Be Healthy

I learned that Americans overeat because we have too many your food is fooling you with salt, sugar, and fat in them. But, what makes these foods so compelling?

From this book, I now understand that the reason these foods are harder to resist is a part of our brain called the "reward center. After a while your game plan will your food is fooling you more automatic.

It will become your new habit. If you overeat in America, or any place where capitalism has spread the American way of eating, you need this book. I just realized that I can also count this for the Nonfiction Reading Challenge.

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