Wayist Scriptures and the lack of scriptural authority. Wayism and Sautantrika Buddhism in the 1st century CE. Wayism was first transmitted in the 1st century by the divine teacher Iesous .. EBOOK EDITIONS. "How to Be a Good Creature: A Memoir in Thirteen Animals" by Sy Montgomery “This is a beautiful book — essential reading for anyone who loves animals and.


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Thomas founded many Wayist communities in the Kashmir Valley and surrounding mountains.

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He started community welfare movements and even inspired a king or two to fund the wayism ebook assistance programs. Mari of Magadha was in her 70s, waiting in Kashmir after wayism ebook years working in Ethiopia and Aksum.

Thomas was martyred by an irate king because he meddled in the king's bedroom affairs but Mari was there to take leadership in the end. The community of Wayists had collected a set of holy Scripture that was dear to them.

Over time, the collection became known as the Eastern Bible. It is no doubt the most influential holy scripture in the world because it changed religions and accumulated billions of followers.

Wayism and Sautrāntika Buddhism in the 1st centuries BC and AD

Its wayism ebook is The Lotus Sutra. It tells the story of what happened to Iesous in Sukhavati after he ascended there. It tells how the Lord was glorified and empowered, and sent down to earth to minister to us for as long as it takes for all sentient beings to be liberated from samsara, the cycle of reincarnation in the school of life.

The Lotus Sutra was never incorporated into the Eastern Bible because it, and its message effectively put an end to the need for holy Scripture.

It reincarnates and carries with wayism ebook, in its soul mind chakras its development of wisdom and its karma and dharma. Buddhist do not agree, because they teach that the soul forms part of the universal storehouse, it is not an entity—and then they need many other philosophical dialectic treatises to explain how karma remains with a person from wayism ebook incarnation to the next, how the soul does not exist because nothing exists but actually it does exist but only in your mind which is soul that does not exist.

Buddhism believes that past, future and present exist in continuum, in parallel, but also does not exist at all. If it were at all possible to penetrate the complexity of that ontology it will take many lifetimes.

As soon as the moment starts, it starts to go away.


Life is a series of moments and that is our reality. We live out our lives and our salvation, our dharma from one wayism ebook to the next.

Ceremonial Tradition of Wayism

The decisions we make in every moment is where we live out our dharma duty and where we perform in term of karma. The sacrament of the moment is where we live when we live correctly.

wayism ebook

Whatever we sense, wayism ebook subsequently label or somehow assigns meaning to in our minds, is what exists for us. If we cannot sense it, it seems to not exist.

Buddhists generally take the concept of sunyata further, stating that nothing exists, but in our minds. For them, all things are in flux, never at rest and never concrete—an idea that is only lately becoming popular in western wayism ebook.

They explained the atom in rather interesting detail. Breaking with mainstream Buddhist and some Hindu thought at the time, they explained that matter is compiled of individual atoms and that behind the atoms lie an energy or intelligence that has the seed, idea, or concept of creation and that is ultimate reality, not the temporary creation.

The first level of atom which they discerned may seem indivisible, and cannot be combined the one with the other. The second level of understanding of atoms at the time was of subatomic matter.

They sensed that the atom can be divided into four aspects and these subatomic matters are the finest and smallest building blocks of the universes. The bulk of the atom however contains energy that orders, structures and holds all wayism ebook together.

Philosophically, the Buddhaseed concept has roots in Platonic schools and Indian philosophy. It is easy, live the life of a bodhisattva in the making and enlightenment and its wisdom will come to us.

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