Very-high-Temperature Reactor Presented By Taher, Md Iktiham Bin Khan, Md Rabiul Islam Islam, Kazi Rashedul. Revision 0. June The Very High Temperature Reactor: A Technical Summary. Prepared for. MPR Associates, Inc. King Street. Alexandria, VA The history of research, development, and construction for the high temperature gas-cooled reactor worldwide, from the initial years in s until present-day.


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The fuel elements with a diameter of 60 mm are made of graphite in which the fuel is embedded in the form of many small coated particles. The pyrocarbon and silicon carbide very high temperature reactor of the fuel particles retains the fission products.

The ceramic structure will be able to withstand higher temperatures than the casing around the control rod sheaths, supposedly providing inherent safety in an accident scenario. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME provides maximum stress levels for different types of steels at different temperatures for use in pressure vessels.

The coolant will be helium, which is attractive due to very high temperature reactor negligible neutron absorption cross-section and therefore ability to remain non-radioactiveand its single phase during operation.

The IHX simplifies the hydrogen production plant, since it will not have to be built to nuclear-standards, and provides a thermal buffer between the direct helium coolant line and the sensitive chemical processes in the hydrogen production process.

The Fort Saint Vrain helium cooled gas reactor operated in Colorado for 12 years, providing valuable insight into the challenges very high temperature reactor a helium-cooled reactor.

High-temperature reactor

The primary challenges of the VHTR are enumerated below: The high operating temperatures in a VHTR cause helium impurities to be aggravated. In order to avoid neutron poisoning, and accelerated core corrosion due to helium impurities, a helium monitoring and purification very high temperature reactor will be required.


The Fort Saint Vrain reactor experienced problems with helium exfiltration. All turbomachinery will require magnetic bearings to prevent lubricant ingress.

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Ceramic materials will likely need to be developed for the turbine. In short, the helium sealing system will be complex and expensive. The information contained in the GIF website and in documents that can be downloaded from the GIF website is aimed primarily at the general public and at those that have an interest in the research and development of Generation IV nuclear energy very high temperature reactor.

The opinions expressed and arguments employed in this information do not necessarily reflect the official views of the GIF or the governments or national governmental agencies of their respective members.

The GIF or the governments or national governmental agencies of their respective members, or any person acting on their behalf, make no statements, representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness or reliability of this information and very high temperature reactor may be held responsible for any use that may be made of it.

Vrain Generating Station was one example of this design that operated as an HTGR from to ; though the reactor was beset by some problems which led to its decommissioning due to economic factors, very high temperature reactor served as proof of the HTGR concept in the United States though no new commercial HTGRs have been developed there since.


Nuclear reactor design[ edit ] Neutron moderator[ edit ] The neutron moderator is graphite, although whether the reactor core is configured in graphite prismatic blocks or in graphite pebbles depends on the HTGR design. Coated fuel particles have fuel kernels, usually made of uranium dioxidehowever, very high temperature reactor carbide or uranium oxycarbide are also possibilities.

Uranium oxycarbide combines uranium carbide with the uranium dioxide to reduce the oxygen stoichiometry.

very high temperature reactor


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