Stryker India - Offering VariAx Distal Radius Locking Plate System in Gurgaon, Haryana. Read about company and get contact details and address. The SmartLock Locking Technology in the VariAx System is designed to encourage a locked screw to plate interface due to the combination of Grade II Titanium. Stryker acknowledges the following surgeons for their support in the development of this technique guide: Keith L. Wapner, M.D.. VariAx 2. Plating Systems.


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Bid on Stryker Variax Hand Set in Fuller Road, Ann Arbor | Medical Bid Network

Given this range, surgeons choose how best to fix the bone with the approach that they see fit. Made of titanium alloy Ti6Al4V and treated with a Type II anodization, these plates are designed to carry the loads that are required of them while remaining low profile.

Additionally, if locking is required, the 3. Michael s Hospital University of Toronto, along with a number of other variax stryker surgeon leaders 2, the VariAx Locking Plate System is designed variax stryker allow surgeons flexibility in choosing which plating technique they wish to use.

The following pages contain a step by step operative technique as well as some of the features and benefits which illustrate this comprehensive and innovative locking plate system. variax stryker


The plating system they choose should match these approaches. The VariAx Clavicle System offers a comprehensive range of midshaft and lateral plates which are anatomically contoured to match the superior or anterior surface of the bone. Additionally, the surgeon has a choice of different plate curvatures to better fit various anatomies.

Finally, these plates accept either 3. Implant Shape The 3-dimensional anatomy variax stryker the clavicle is complex and varies from person to person. Stryker uses a Variax stryker Scan Database of over clavicles of different size, gender, and ethnicity to design plates which are 3-dimensionally contoured and fit the vast majority of clavicles on variax stryker anterior and superior surfaces.

The fit of these plates was confirmed by extensive cadaver lab testing 3.

VariAx Distal Radius Locking Plate

Strength Where it is Needed Whereas the plate holes are made of pure titanium variax stryker interface with the locking screws, the plate itself is made of titanium alloy to provide strength to address the loads in the clavicle 4.

Also, specific midshaft superior plates are designed with a bridging support in the middle of the plate which typically lies over the area of comminution, as seen variax stryker the adjacent image.

Locking screws are made of titanium alloy Ti6A14V which is stronger than the pure titanium plate holes. When a screw is driven into a plate hole, the locking threads on the underside of the screw engage the circular lip in variax stryker hole.

Unlike monoaxial locking systems, where the screws follow a predetermined path, this technology allows variax stryker to aim and lock the screw where you want to place it within a 30 cone.

For example, this can be particularly helpful for fixation using the superior lateral plates, where the screw trajectory in the expanded lateral clavicle fragment variax stryker be chosen.

VariAx Hand Plating - Stryker

Although not usually necessary, variax stryker plates may be contoured to adapt to individual patient anatomy. Design requirements are strict when it comes to shaping a plate to the clavicle.


For example, the surgeon should avoid sharp bends, reverse bends or bending the device at a screw hole. A pre-contoured locking plate which can be adjusted variax stryker to precisely fit the bony anatomy without damaging the locking mechanism can be very useful.

Ankle Fracture Surgery Video - Dr Moore using Stryker 'VariAx Fibula' plating system

The VariAx Clavicle Plates give you this option. Based on the clinical requirements, variax stryker choose whether to lock or not. Additionally, all screws in the system are inserted with the same T10 screwdriver for ease-of-use.

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