Start by marking “The Falcon's Malteser (Diamond Brothers, #1)” as Want to Read: When the vertically-challenged Johnny Naples entrusts Tim Diamond with a package worth over three million pounds, he's making a big mistake. I have previously enjoyed books in this series and will. Buy The Diamond Brothers in The Falcon's Malteser by Anthony Horowitz (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. I have always enjoyed reading Anthony Horowitz books; therefore, I decided to read The Falcon's Malteser, which is part of the Diamond.


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As a parting gift she sends Nick and Herbert a Malteser with a diamond inside. Nick after realising this great wealth decides go skiing for their Christmas holidays. However Herbert breaks the falcon s malteser leg before they get on the plane and the money is spent on medical bills.

Note[ edit ] In this book, Nick calls his brother by his real name, Herbert, but in all following books he calls his brother Tim Diamond and calls himself Nick Diamond not Nicholas Simple or Herbert Simple the falcon s malteser his brother.

Film adaptation[ edit ] The film, Just Ask for Diamond, also known as Diamond's Edge, based on the novel, was released in In the end, I enjoyed the book very much.


Not only does it provide you with questions that are only answered later on, but the comedy written in the book also entertains a lot, despite being small jokes, or just Tim's idiocy. I learned through this book that quick wit and careful thinking can get you through most things, such as a twisted case about riches from a criminal known best for imports and exports, with the key item being a box of Maltesers.

To be honest, the most interesting character was Nick Diamond Although he's around the age ofand can think on the spot the falcon s malteser, I'd have to go for the mastermind behind getting the box of Maltesers, the Fat Man.

Not only is he so powerful that when he was given a parking fine, the police found the body of the traffic warden embedded in concrete, but he is diabolical enough to spoilers, by the wayfind Nick Diamond, trap him in a bathtub filled with quick-dry cement, and throw him the falcon s malteser a river just to get him out of his way.

They head over to a fast food restaurant called Grannys, as a publicity stunt only Grannies are hired, where they chew the case over. Herbert suggests sending Nick to Australia or to Auntie Maurie in Slough, who has a semi-detached house, and a semi-detached hip, and often forces Nick to give her round the clock nursing.

The Falcon's Malteser (Diamond Brothers, #1) by Anthony Horowitz

However Nick says he would feel safer with Herbert, as the Fat Man could kidnap the falcon s malteser. They then decide to find out where Johnny went. After finding a matchbox from a nightclub called The Casablanca Club a the falcon s malteser toward another one of Humphrey Bogart's moviesthey decide to pay the club a visit.

At home they find the Club is open, but their cleaning lady Betty Charlady says no good will come of it.

The Falcon's Malteser

Quickly, they find that Naples must have been the falcon s malteser regular there — a waiter mistakes Nick for him, and offers him a bottle of free champagne, and a singer called Lauren Bacardi a take-off of film noir star and Bogart's wife Lauren Bacall asks of Johnny's well-being.

However, just moments after the brothers feel they are getting somewhere, Bacardi is snatched by two shady figures in a blue van. After getting a taxi during the night, Herbert discovers the next day the falcon s malteser the Falcon's funeral is being held at Brompton Cemeterynearby.

Most of the suspects that appeared on Snape's chalkboard had arrived to 'grieve' for the Falcon.

Nick spots the Falcon's wife, who pretends to mourn for her loss. They encounter the Fat Man, who tells them their time is up. On the way home Nick buys a box of Maltesers as a decoy, At their the falcon s malteser they find the Fat Man's chauffeur Lawrence dead.

Snape then arrests them, but Nick is let out the next day, although he tells Herbert not to reveal what Naples gave them.

The Diamond Brothers in The Falcon's Malteser

Nick is intrigued by Beatrice's fake mourning and visits her after she calls him. The Falcon's widow, Beatrice von Falkenberg, claims that she deserves the diamonds she is really poor and has had to sell all her property except her mansion and threatens Nick with an alligator to make him promise to give her the Maltesers.

Nick goes back to the hotel, where Naples was staying, to investigate, while Snape keeps Herbert for interrogation. The falcon s malteser the midst of finding some scientific words scrawled in rough English on some scraps of paper, a grenade is hurled into the room and the hotel is destroyed.

Nick escapes, narrowly avoiding an assassination attempt by the hotel's owner Jack Splendide, and discovers from him that it was the Fat Man who threw the grenade into the room, having paid the Owner to call him if Nick came back.

Nick leaves the hotel owner hanging over the flyover and leaves the hotel, not knowing what happened the falcon s malteser him and not really caring. Boyle regrets to admit this when he finds out that Nick is smarter than his annoying older brother during their interrogation.

Boyle, which is funny because he's a cop. Snape to Tim, because he gladly fired Tim from the police before Tim became a detective and was rather glad to lock him and his brother up the second time they were at the scene of a crime.

Nick explains that he was meant to emigrate with his parents to Australia against his wishes in the novel's character introduction, but he managed to escape the airport when they weren't looking.

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