Aisin AW TFSC Valve Body Layout. Sonnax valve body layouts provide a detailed overview of individual units making it quick and easy to. Tags: Tfsc | Valve Body For Transmission | Valve Body For Automatic Transmission FIT FOR Volvo TFSC, AF40, AWF21 Valve Body. Sonnax Transmission parts for Aisin AW TFSC applications. TFSC Transmission. TFSC Tech Resources Valve Body Layout View all Transmissions.


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TFSC Automatic Transmission Valve Body Issue & Serial Number Info

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Remove the tranny coolant lines. Remove the air-box, fake battery cover and IC to TB tube.

Valve Body Repair TF81SC TF80SC (AM6, AF21, AF40)

Remove front motor mount bolt on top of mount Remove the pump on the frame rail by removing two bots and the whole bracket. Put jack-stands under the rear sub-frame brackets and loosened the rear SF bolts.

Floor jack with a block of wood under the engine, bit of tension. For floating rpm and thumps when shifting gears - the installation of the bushing in the channel of the pressure modulator valve and the lock-up channel of the torque converter. In case of indistinct gearshifting tf 80sc valve body slipping when changing gears - repair of the clutch valve channel K1, K2 tf 80sc valve body K3 is inevitable.

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The next step is to check the valve body in the automatic transmission of the working car. The applied repair technology is recommended tf 80sc valve body an affordable and high-quality alternative to buying a new hvalve body. For all performed repairsa 1-year warranty is provided with no mileage restriction.

Tf 80sc valve body getting into the valve body channelssuch oil causes abrasion of the walls of the valve body channels in the places of contact with the solenoid plunger, tf 80sc valve body a result of which the nominal pressure is violated and, consequently, symptoms of malfunctions appear.

In the diagnosed channelwhen a plunger is installed, a reduced pressure is created, if the pressure is maintained, then the channel is operational, if pressure is released, then the wearout of valve body channel is present. Examples of damaged valve body channels.

Damage in the form of scratches and clear spots of contact of the plunger and the walls of the channel. The damaged channel is reamed, after which a tf 80sc valve body is installed, the internal diameter of which completely corresponds to the technological dimensions and provides the working pressure of the oil in the valve body.

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