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While most conflicts are ambigousthere are also a few relatively unambiguously unsympathetic villains. Has examples of Stephen douglas slaveworld Abuse Mistake: The third book starts out with a female police officer getting raped by a corrupt male policeman.

When caught, his violation is mistaken for consensual sex, so they both get in trouble for it. She gets fired from the police force, and then hired by a government conspiracy trying to infiltrate an Alternate Timeline to steal their superior technology.

But that's another story. Lots of characters, including one stephen douglas slaveworld the main villains.

Slaveworld Embassy (Paperback)

The base premise for the series. And I Must Scream: Tough luck if your vocal cord now have an "off" switch. Parodied in the sixth book.

England has learned how to make nuclear stephen douglas slaveworld from spying on the British, and proceeds to wipe out their entire civilisation in one big nuclear holocaust world war. The British authorities fail to see how out of character this really is for the Stephen douglas slaveworld World culture, accepting the data they have been fed.

Slaveworld by Steven Douglas

England was never interested in nuclear weapons, they consider the whole concept abhorrent. As they grow tired of the British troublemakers, they eventually fake their own apocalypse just to make stephen douglas slaveworld British stop sending agents.


In the final novel, two female protagonists have to go on a daring rescue mission behind enemy lines - infiltrating the timeline they once belonged to, as England is on the edge of getting psychopaths as their stephen douglas slaveworld rulers and the cold war between the timelines threatens to erupt into a full scale war between the worlds.

The queen trust these women with this mission not only because of their well known intelligence and skill, but also because of the one thing that make her certain that they will never betray England at this crucial point in history: Their undying devotion to Lady Isobel stephen douglas slaveworld Lady Abigail respectively.

Most female aristocrats qualify, with Lady Isobel being the most prominent example.

Slave World

It should be noted that her attitude of cheerfully stephen douglas slaveworld whatever she wants without even wanting the partner to consent is what make one of the main characters fall in love stephen douglas slaveworld her in the first place.

Bathe Her and Bring Her to Me: Not merely common, this is a social institution surrounded by all kinds of rules and protocols.

Orientation is no big deal in this world. Blue and Orange Morality: Slave World morality is, of course, quite different from what we are used to. Most of the main characters Slave owners as well as slaves are scientists. In both worlds, the technology to travel between stephen douglas slaveworld was invented by a female genius who is also sexually dominant.

In Slaveworld it was Lady Isobel, in Britain it was the mentor of the first batch of British main characters. Certain British leaders do this a stephen douglas slaveworld.

The beautiful England, where anyone's life can turn into a lifetime of torture and rape and being made to like it Crapsack World: While technically a democracy and theoretically caring about dignity and human rights, it appears completely corrupt and morally bankrupt, caring only about gaining advantages for its stephen douglas slaveworld corrupt elite.

Slaveworld Embassy : Stephen Douglas :

With its love for messing around with gendered stereotypes, subverts this trope. The society is all pretty much gender neutral. And also race neutral, skin color being a mere stephen douglas slaveworld effect of what country you come from.

However, they have an entire social caste filling a sort of dominatrix role:

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