Its purpose is to provide refinance facilities and short term lending to industries, and serves as the principal financial institution in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector. SIDBI also coordinates the functions of institutions engaged in similar activities. Development of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector as well as for co-ordination of functions of institutions engaged in similar activities. Functions of SIDBI. SIDBI refinances loans extended by the primary lending institutions to small scale industrial units, and also provides resources support to them. SIDBI discounts and rediscounts bills arising from sale of machinery to or manufactured by industrial units in the small scale sector.


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Objectives and functions of SIDBI in development of industry

To coordinate all the other institutions involved in the promotion of small scale industries. Refinancing loans and sidbi functions provided by commercial banks to small scale industrial units.


Different types of loans are given to small scale sidbi functions and as per the recommendations of Nayak Committeeadditional funds have been given to commercial banks for promoting more borrowings of small scale industries.

Sidbi functions fact, there are commercial banks with separate branches meant exclusively for small scale industries.

Small Industries Development Bank of India - Wikipedia

Discounting the bills of SSIs: Apart from discounting the bills of small scale industries, even hurdles arising out of financing small scale industries are being discounted. The bank credit has gone up to Rs. The SIDBI introduced two new schemes during ; equipment finance scheme for providing direct finance to existing sidbi functions small-scale units taking up technology up-gradation, modernisation, and refinance for resettlement of voluntarily retired workers of the National Textile Corporation NTC.

To expand the channels for marketing the products of Small Scale Industries SSI sector in domestic and international markets. The report is based on a study done on over five million active MSMEs who have access to formal credit, with live sidbi functions facilities in the Indian banking system.

Without tempering the ownership of a company, the entrepreneurs could acquire adequate capital for meeting their growth requirements. Equity and Venture Funding: SIDBI offers various schemes which have concessional interest rates and comfortable sidbi functions. SIDBI has an in-depth knowledge and a wider sidbi functions of schemes and loans available and could help enterprises in making the best decision for their businesses.

It is an institution for the Promotion, Financing and Development of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise MSME sector and also co-ordinates the functions of the institutions engaged sidbi functions similar activities.

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