Nund Rishi or Nund Reshi (Urdu: نُندہ ریشی ), also known as Sheikh Noor ud-Din Wali, Sheikh Noor ud-Din Noorani (Urdu: شیخ نُورالدین نُورانی ) and popularly as Sheikh ul-Alam (Urdu: شیخُ العالم ) among the Muslim and He used his poetry as tool to spread the knowledge of absolute. His poetry is commonly known as. Sheikh Ul Alam (R.A). K likes. Sheikh Ul Alam was a great Poet and had a flair for prosody used similes, Metaphors, Hyperbolas and other forms of. kalam e shaykh ul alam rahmatullah alaih kalam sheikh ul alam kashmiri pdf kalam sheikh ul alam kashmiri sheikh nooruddin noorani poetry.


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Nund Rishi - Wikipedia

The efforts of G. Adfar deserves immense appreciation and admiration so far as his deep sheikh ul alam poetry scholarly made in grubbing searching the virtue of message enshrined into the literally outpourings in the shape of poems which the Kashmiris treat to be the valuable treasure in understanding and recognizing the essence of Quran and fundamental message of Islam which has already been translated into action by Prophet Mohammad S.

No doubt numberless authors, from decades last have spared no efforts in fumbling out sheikh ul alam poetry pages bearing the precious expressions of Hazrat Sheikh Noordin Noorani RA and manifold their attempts, have proved beneficial for progeny of Kashmir in understanding pith and substance born out by the literally treasure put forth by them as a result of their much toil and labour.

The valuable books in my hand are glaring example of getting at the substance of poetic wealth emanating from Sheikh Nooruddin Noorani RA which by and by devolve on Kashmiris and will continue to do so for all times to come.

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The author of these books deserves accolades for his irresistible efforts and pains which culminated into sheikh ul alam poetry edition to the literally treasure inherited by Kashmiris from Sheikh Sheikh ul alam poetry Noorani RA and these efforts are nicely groomed that it makes the work in hand easily intelligible and understandable by all those Kashmiris who have immense love, respect and attraction for kalami Sheikhul Aalam RA.

The Kalam has been transformed in a manner that no one could have predicted. In every chapter of these books you will find dozens of outstretching but practical ideas, techniques and principles which would enable a person to harness the tremendous power of thinking so as to gain for yourself the success, happiness and satisfaction a person finally is looking for.

Every technique is dramatically illustrated by a real life case history. You discover not only what to do but what is more important to do, you see exactly how to apply each principle to actual situations and sheikh ul alam poetry of life.

Sheikh Noor-ud-din Wali - Sheikh Noor-ud-din Wali Poems - Poem Hunter

The kalam is interpretation of Quran and Sunnah. To work at Kalami Sheikhul aalam RA requires a phenomenal memory which author is demonstrating by translating it into English language first time in Kashmir history.

In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the difference sheikh ul alam poetry night and day, and the ships which run upon the sheikh ul alam poetry with that which is of use to men and the water which Allah sendeth down from the sky, thereby reviving the earth after its death, and dispersing all kinds of beasts therein, and in the ordinance of the winds, and the clouds obedient between heaven and earth: Solutions to all thy affairs wilt thou get from them.

Devote thy being to their defined doctrine. A vast empire wilt thou find in Hereafter.


Able not a blind be to impel without a staff. Such luminaries and beacons of spiritual literary knowledge comprehend the whole gamut of life or at least the centre around which life revolves, and if sheikh ul alam poetry happened to be artists, their art is always subservient to their main table.

The poetic ardor and accent of Sheikh ul Alam RA is vitally significant and salutary in its effect. The articulation of the great work of Sheikh ul Alam RA has made the linguistic and cultural mystery acceptable to us.

Finally, he reduced himself to water alone, and died at the age of 63, in the reign of sultan Zain-ul-Abidin, in A.

Shams-ul-Arifin or 'the sun of the pious' is the chronogram which sheikh ul alam poetry the date of his death. The Sultan accompanied his bier to the grave.

Kalam e Sheikhulalam | Kashmirsufis's Blog

During his lifetime, he witnessed much change in the valley, from Hinduism to Islam. Various historical events helped to shape his mind in such a manner that he produced some works of philosophy, in his own manner of verses and poetry.

Her father Akber-u-Din and two brothers "Kamal-u-din" and "Jamal-u-din" are buried in Dadasara and had two sons and one daughter.

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