In this issue of Revista Brasileira de Hematologia e Hemoterapia, Carvalho et al. bring a comprehensive and de 13/06/ -de-saude/hemoterapia/PORTARIA%20No%%20de%%20de%20junho%20de%pdf. em hemoterapia, organização pela Escola Politécnica da Saúde Ministério da Saúde (BR) [online]. Portaria n. , de 13 de junho de Aprova o. Auto-hemoterapia: alterações hematológicas e histológicas em ratos wistar .. Portaria nº. , Junho nas/menu/aInstituicao/legislacao/pt-mspdf. 7.


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Promoting safe and effective use of blood products

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Promoting safe and effective use of blood products

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Portaria 1353 hemoterapia component of process control in blood banking and transfusion medicine.

Portaria hemoterapia pdf

American Association of Blood Banks, WHO Techinical Series, It should also assist in developing transfusion policies, obtaining compliance from prescribing physicians,facilitate collaboration between disciplines, evaluate the implementation of new techniques,support training and education of medical teams and help spreading blood banking practices.

Reviewing the use of blood products in the institution is another common major task portaria 1353 hemoterapia the portaria 1353 hemoterapia. Having the committee's support to implement guidelines in hemotherapy is of major importance to help the blood bank achieve this goal.

While some groups focus on a clinical approach of TCs, others advocate that the TC should be involved in internal technical activities of the blood bank as well.

These agencies' activities were analyzed portaria 1353 hemoterapia to the presence or not of an active TC and its influence on different internal, technical and clinical practices in different hospitals.

Results show that centers with an active TC not only have better notification and follow-up of transfusion reactions, but also better internal clinical practices, such as correct portaria 1353 hemoterapia out of paperwork and patient transfusion data, and better blood sample identification processes.

It is interesting to note that is hard to know whether an active TC is the main determinant for a more strict implementation of guidelines and regulations, or if the institutions that are better at following guidelines happen to be the ones that have adopted more active TCs.

The bottom line is that this paper brings light not only to the portaria 1353 hemoterapia situation of TCs in a major Brazilian state, but also to the technical practice of blood transfusions in a large number of institutions.

As stated in the paper, these findings should serve as a basis to approach the problem. However, evidence from the present work shows portaria 1353 hemoterapia TCs have an important role in today's blood banking practices.

The author declares no competing financial interest References 1. Standards for blood banks and transfusion services.

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