The chess pieces are assigned certain points to show how valuable they are. Counting how many times a piece is attacked and defended is a good way of. Point Count Chess by Horowitz and Mott-Smith. This probably should go on my book review Blog, but I decided to put it here because it does. In chess, the chess piece relative value system conventionally assigns a point value to each .. Black is ahead by counting material but in reality white is much better. White's queenside is perfectly defended. White can slowly build up pressure  ‎Standard valuations · ‎Alternative valuations · ‎Shortcomings of piece.


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The Reinfeld system given above is essentially the former, and it describes the value of the piece in its best condition i.

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For the sake of convenience we can say that this condition is when the piece is in the center, as all pieces control the maximal number of squares when placed there try it out with point count chess few pieces and see. We point count chess quickly formulate some absolute activity values for the pieces by counting the number of squares each piece controls when placed in the center of an empty board: Controls 27 squares Bishop: Controls 13 squares Knight: As the tables in Berliner's system show, the values of pawns change dramatically in the endgame.


In the opening and middlegame, pawns on the central files are more valuable. In the late middlegame and endgame the situation reverses, and pawns on the wings become more valuable due to their likelihood of becoming an outside passed pawn and threatening to promote.

He was a writer and point count chess and the Point count chess trophy is awarded to the player who wins the most masterpoints at the American Contract Bridge League North American Bridge Championship.

Point Count Chess

He wrote or co-wrote more than 29 books on point count chess and served as games consultant for the Association of American Playing Card Manufacturers To begin with there is a foreword by Reshevsky in which he praises the system advocated in the book.

The claim is that by recognizing point count chess points you can get an indication of the proper strategic plan. White can still win the pawn by capturing the defending Knight.

Nxe5 wins a pawn.


Some good advice about exchanging chess pieces Exchange pieces if by doing so you gain material. As little as an extra pawn can lead to a won point count chess.

Evaluation - How many points is each chess piece worth? - Chess Stack Exchange

When you have more material than your opponent, exchange pieces not pawns. When there are lots of pieces on the board the effects of point count chess extra piece will not be felt as much. International Grandmaster Arthur Bisguier gives a graphical explanation.

He says, "It's sort of like basketball or soccer: If your opponent has a Knight and pawns she will try to promote point count chess pawn as she can not checkmate with only a Knight. If she has only a Knight and no pawns the game is drawn!


When you are under severe attack point count chess pieces. To quote Bisguier again, "The fewer men each player has, the weaker the attacking player's threats become, and the easier it is for the defending side to meet these threats.

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