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Revit sheets to PDF ?

We'll start with showing how to create floor plans, elevations and building sections. These can be used pdf revit 2011 layout a sheet. You can document your project in Revit by creating sheets. Sheets are your layouts that are ready to be printed to pdf revit 2011.

They can contain various elements, such as plans, elevations and sections of your project, but also detail views, schedules, 3D views and images you import into Revit. To fill your sheet, you use the views of your project.

Revit to PDF: An Interactive Model Viewer

You'll probably already have the basic views such as plans and elevations. You can create additional views as necessary.

  • Revit to PDF: An Interactive Model Viewer | AUGI - Autodesk User Group International
  • Revit sheets to PDF ?

There's pdf revit 2011 a few extra view types available that may be useful for documenting your project, such as schedules and legends. Each plan, elevation and section view has an associated scale. This is set through the properties of the view and determines the level of detail in the view, the line width and size of text for annotations, tags etc.


Creating Plans Floor Plan When you create LevelsRevit automatically creates the associated floor plans unless you explicitly tell Revit not to. You can use these views for your sheet.

Revit sheets to PDF ?

You may want to create additional views, for example to create a plan in a different scale. Uncheck Do not dupicate existing views. Select pdf revit 2011 type of plan you'd like to add. Select the scale you want to use for this view.

Documenting a Project I (Revit Architecture) - TOI-Pedia

Pdf revit 2011 OK View Range Each plan view has a View Range that determines where the cut plane is for that view related to the associated level. Pdf revit 2011 floor plans are cut at about one meter above the floor level.

But if you have windows that are positioned high in the wall, they will not show up on the floor plan. You can control this through the View Range of the view. Click the view in your Project Browser.

In the Properties Panel, scroll to the Extents section. Using the settings of the View Pdf revit 2011 you control how the plan drawings are generated and whats will pdf revit 2011 visible.

View Range elements A View Range see image to the right consists of the pdf revit 2011 elements: For each you specify an existing project Level to associate with and an offset to this level.

Typically for the bottom, top and cut plane you use the Level that is associated with the floor plan and use the offset to determine the height.

The line styles referred to in the overview above can be found in the Line Styles dialog: By default Revit creates the north, east, south and west elevations in each new project.


To create additional elevations: Revit automatically orients the elevation a logical direction for the elevation. You can select alternative directions using your [TAB] key.

[PDF] Design Integration Using Autodesk Revit 2011 (Architecture Structure & MEP) Download

Click when you're satisfied. You can continue to create more elevations, if you like. In the Ribbon, click Modify to end the command.

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