Summary and reviews of The Villa by Nora Roberts, plus links to a book excerpt from The Villa and author biography of Nora Roberts. Book Review: The Villa (Nora Roberts). The villa. Book: 38/ Spoilers ahead! The Giambelli's family fortune has stemmed from a hundred. The Villa has ratings and reviews. steph said: I like this. A lot more then I thought I would. I usually try to avoid Nora Roberts because she.


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But mostly, I loved this book for the strong sense of family that runs through, of loyalty, of love for each other.


The three generations of Giambelli women are very strong and sexy and loving and I adored that. The one woman who finally managed to get nora roberts the villa to divorce Pilar, Rene Foxx, a society queen interested only in his money and the privileges it opens up.

What Rene does not know, is that Tony might be marrying her, but that he is far from faithful.


She receives an angry call at night, and thinking it is Pilar, blames it is her jealousy over her lost husband. David Cutter is appointed the new COO from the company.

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He starts to work for them, resigning from a competitor, La Coeur, to go to the Giambelli-MacMillan winery. He moves into a guest cottage at the Villa along with his two children. He meets Pilar, and falls deeply in love with her. Nora roberts the villa starts to romance her, but has to work very nora roberts the villa — Pilar is an honorable lady who had never strayed from her useless husband.

THE VILLA by Nora Roberts | Kirkus Reviews

He also has his new job to face — Ty is anything but impressed with nora roberts the villa new order of things, and is initially difficult to manage. Donato is arrested, but before he is prosecuted, he is killed within his cell.

David gets shot at nora roberts the villa in Italy, and spends time recuperating in hospital. Even though Donato is the obvious suspect to orchestrate the shooting, he swears to Sophie before his death he had nothing to do with it.

The Villa by Nora Roberts

Jeremy deMorney, who is a big gun nora roberts the villa La Coeur, watches and enjoys the scandals that rock the Giambelli family. There was a problem adding your email address.

Dynasty head Tereza Giambelli knows that her granddaughter Sophia is the only family member capable of running a multimillion-dollar wine business—and no one contradicts La Signora.

It's just as well the lovely young woman is still single: Tereza nora roberts the villa plans for her. The matriarch has recently married Eli MacMillan, the American founder of another famous wine company. Eli's grandson Tyler knows everything there is to know about producing wine, from the vineyard to the vat.

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