Access to essential drugs is one of the major concerns for Médecins Sans Frontières. Pharmacists are responsible for managing the order, supply, inventory and. translation and adaptation may be done without the prior permission of the Copyright owner. Médecins Sans Frontières. Essential drugs - practical guidelines. 1 I do not use the concept of “essential drugs” in the sense the World Health 6 MSF, World TB Day Development of Simple and Rapid Diagnostic Tools.


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Twenty years on, MSF reveals how the organization spoke out about a conflict marked by ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, targeted assaults msf essential drugs humanitarian organizations and individuals, and the unfulfilled promises by the International Community.

It is a practical manual intended for health professionals, physicians, pharmacists, nurses and health auxiliaries involved in curative care and drug msf essential drugs. The list of drugs in this edition has been revised: As medicines for HIV and hepatitis B are increasingly under patent in msf essential drugs counties, Indonesia has shown that countries can and should take action to enable the production of low-cost versions of essential life-saving medicines for their citizens" [3].

The current debate on AIDS treatment illustrates the urgency of the problem.

With other organizations working on the same question, the Research Group on Essential Drugs will msf essential drugs to promote the idea of international solidarity in access to drugs.

Promoting rational use Reaching out to the people: There is still much work to do in promoting the essential drugs concept, in view of the number of useless or dangerous drugs that are still used in most countries.

However predictable at the time of our warning, these findings have now been msf essential drugs and confirmed by official reporting mechanisms.

Still no structural approach has been formulated for the road ahead while drug outages are now a reality around the country. Certain medicines, which are not on the WHO msf essential drugs, are still frequently administered although their use is not recommended.


These medicines have been included in this guide by entries marked by a grey diagonal line.

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