Mossad: los verdugos del Kidon: la historia de las unidades de asesinos de los servicios secretos de Israel, by Eric Frattini at Kidon is the name of a department within Israel's Mossad that is allegedly responsible for the . Mossad, los verdugos del Kidon. Madrid: Atanor Ediciones, Kidon is the name of a department within Israel's Mossad that is allegedly responsible for the . Mossad, los verdugos del Kidon. Madrid: Atanor Ediciones,


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Mossad - Os Carrascos do Kidon

The fallout mossad verdugos kidon the failed killing eventually led to the release of Sheik Ahmed Yassinthe founder and spiritual leader of the Hamas movement, and scores of Hamas prisoners. Some have allegedly been active since the Lebanon War.

InLebanese Security Services supported by Hezbollah's intelligence unit, and working in collaboration with SyriaIranand possibly Russia, launched a major crackdown which resulted in the arrests of around alleged spies "working for Israel".

He gave his handlers a complete plan of the Syrian defenses on the Golan Heightsthe Syrian Armed Forces order of battle, and a complete list of the Mossad verdugos kidon military's weapons inventory. He also ordered the planting of trees by every Mossad verdugos kidon fortified position under the pretext of shading soldiers, but the trees actually served as targeting markers for the Israel Defense Forces.

: KIDON, LOS VERDUGOS DEL MOSSAD (Spanish Edition) eBook: ERIC FRATTINI: Kindle Store

He was discovered by Syrian and Soviet intelligence, tried in secret, mossad verdugos kidon executed publicly in On 1 April12 Syrian military and secret service personnel were killed by a booby trapped sophisticated Israeli listening device planted on the main telephone cable between Damascus and Jordan.

On April 3,Kuntsevich died mysteriously during a plane journey, amid allegations that Mossad was responsible.

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As a result, the Syrian nuclear reactor was destroyed by Israeli Air Forces in September see Operation Orchardwhile Suleiman was assassinated by Israel a year later. Suleiman mossad verdugos kidon on a beach in Tartus and was killed by a sniper firing from a boat.


Syrian investigations blamed Israeli sabotage. He had disappeared while staying near Latakia, Syria. The team mossad verdugos kidon carried out the killing is estimated, on the basis of CCTV and other evidence, to have consisted of at least 26 agents traveling on bogus passports.

The operatives entered al-Mabhouh's hotel room, where Mabhouh was subjected to electric shocks and interrogated. The door to his room was reported to have been locked mossad verdugos kidon the inside.

Mossad - Os Carrascos do Kidon by Eric Frattini

The agents' bogus passports included mossad verdugos kidon British passports, cloned from those of real British nationals resident in Israel and suspected by Dubai, five Irish passports, apparently forged from those of living individuals, [83] forged Australian passports that raised fears of reprisal against innocent victims of identity theft, [84] a genuine German passport and a false French passport.

Emirati police say they have fingerprint and Mossad verdugos kidon evidence of some of the attackers, as well as retinal scans of 11 suspects recorded at Dubai airport.

The protagonist Annie Walker is forced to cooperate with ex-Kidon-turned-Mossad-agent Eyal Lavin when an intel-exchange in Switzerland is compromised. Kidon is referenced several times in the show NCIS.

Kidon - WikiVisually

Not much is known mossad verdugos kidon this mysterious unit, details of which are some of the most closely guarded secrets in the Israeli intelligence community. It has been claimed the unit was involved in the Operation Wrath of God campaign. It also has been claimed Kidon was responsible for the assassination of Muhammad Suleiman.

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