So - finally. The beast is here. A shiny new Midas Venice F24 that will take me out from the computer. My first impression was how damn big the  Midas Venice F High Sierra compatibility? F16, F16R, F24 and F32 . Please do remember to register your new Midas equipment . Connect your Venice F FireWire port to your computer's FireWire port. Midas Venice F24 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Midas Venice F24 Operator's Manual.


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Midas Venice F24 Manuals

To accommodate the mixer controls, moving connections off the top face of the mixer was essential. Rarely do stereo channels have XLRs, midas venice f24 more oriented to synths or other non-mic sound midas venice f24.

The output connections are equally extensive. The Venice F24 has full bi-directional streaming through Firewire, with a simple switch on each channel to select either analog signal or Firewire return.

This permits the mixer to incorporate audio from the computer or to set up as a mixdown device.


The Venice Midas venice f24 is a very usable board. Sound Quality If a mysterious benefactor were to bankroll my dream studio with an unlimited budget, Midas would be on the shortlist for mixers.

The sound, pure and simple. Rather than rushing midas venice f24 piece to market, the Midas philosophy is to bulletproof it first, make it as good as can be. Cynically, that dooms them.

Midas Venice F24 Analog Mixer Review | Hear The Music

However, The Music Group came along and acquired the brand. For its preamps alone this was a significant acquisition.

Another Music Group brand? What an amazing strategic alliance. The Venice F24 provides this in a 24 channel analog board. The maximum 48 kHz sampling rate midas venice f24 be a cause for concern for some who prefer to see 96 or even kHz rates.

There are some sonic benefits to the midas venice f24 sampling rates, but these are incremental and accompanied by logistics issues surrounding the additional data. The weight hints at the quality of both the construction and components.

Midas Venice F24 Analog Mixer Review

Mono Input Mono inputs pack a host of features, starting with the indispensible Midas mic pre, still crafted from discrete components, rather than the cheaper IC option. The equaliser section is an updated XL3 design, featuring midas venice f24 bands of swept Midas eq, with the addition of variable bandwith on the two midrange filters.

All input channels, groups and masters feature high precision mm faders. Stereo Input Stereo inputs have two mic and two line inputs midas venice f24.

Mic inputs feature separate gain for left and right inputs, and the same mic amp functions as the mono inputs.

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midas venice f24 Both mic and line inputs can be used simultaneously, with the line inputs routed direct to masters, while the mic inputs route via the channel.

Stereo channels have four-band fixed frequency eq, and a sum-to-mono switch.


Hybrid VeniceF bridges the gap between analogue and digital audio consoles, and offers midas venice f24 user the ease-of-use, warmth, feel, and zero-latency of analogue, combined with the power, choice and flexibility of outboard digital processing. FireWire The FireWire interface can be used with any computer fitted with a port, and is effectively a channel 32x32 digital audio snake, which connects directly to your computer, allowing the midas venice f24 of any 3rd party audio processing software in conjunction with the console.

All with a heart of pure Midas.


This software suite includes multitrack recording up to 64 tracksvirtual racks full of FX and dynamics processing, and even a software mixer, which can be patched in parallel with the analogue VeniceF permitting full external digital processing of each VeniceF input channel.

Mechanical Many manufacturers cut quality when they midas venice f24 small mixers.

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