Merge Sort is a kind of Divide and Conquer algorithm in computer programrming. It is one of the most popular sorting algorithms and a great way to develop. The first algorithm we will study is the merge sort. Merge sort is a recursive algorithm that continually splits a list in half. If the list is empty or has one item, it is. Detailed tutorial on Merge Sort to improve your understanding of Algorithms. Also try practice problems to test & improve your skill level.


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Merge sort algorithm overview (article) | Khan Academy

This will be the sorted list. Merging of two lists done as follows: This additional space can be a critical factor if the merge sort algorithm is large and can make this sort problematic when working on large data sets.


Given the following list of numbers: A [16, 49, 39, 27, 43, 34, 46, 40] This is the second half of the list. A modern stable linear and in-place merging is block merge sort An alternative to reduce the copying merge sort algorithm multiple lists is to associate a new field of information with each key the elements in m are called keys.

This merge sort algorithm will be used to link the keys and any associated information together in a sorted list a key and its related information is called a record.

Then the merging of the sorted lists proceeds by changing the link values; no records need to be moved at all.

A field which contains only a link will generally be smaller than an entire record so less space will also be used. This is a standard sorting technique, not restricted to merge merge sort algorithm.


Use with tape drives[ edit ] Merge sort type algorithms allowed large data sets to be sorted on early computers that had small random access memories by modern standards.

Records were stored on magnetic tape and processed on banks of magnetic tape drives, such as these IBM s. An merge sort algorithm merge merge sort algorithm is practical to run using disk or tape drives when the data to be sorted is too large to fit into memory.

External sorting explains how merge sort is implemented with disk merge sort algorithm. So the inputs to the merge sort algorithm are A, p, q and r The merge function works as follows: Create three pointers i,j and k i maintains current index of L, starting at 1 j maintains current index of M, starting at 1 k maintains current index of A[p.

As usual, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Merge Sort Tutorials & Notes | Algorithms | HackerEarth

merge sort algorithm Let us see how merge function will merge the two arrays. Until we merge sort algorithm end of either L or M, pick larger among elements L and M and place them in the correct position at A[p.

When we run out of elements in either L or M, pick up the remaining elements and put in A[p.


Please merge sort algorithm the color codes given to these lists. We first compare the element for each list and then combine them into another list in a sorted manner. We see that 14 and 33 are in sorted positions.

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