Masonluk ve Rotaryenlik yuzyillardir tartisilan iki kavram ve kurum. Ulke yarari icin calisan insanlar toplulugu mu, Siyonizm'in kurulusu mu?.. Aaturk Localari. Anadolu Gençlik Derneği (AGD) Giresun Şubesi &ldquoGünümüzdeki Gelişmeler Işığında Masonluk ve Siyonizm konulu konferans. Atatürk ve Masonluk ~ Latife Hanım'ın Gizli Hatıra Defteri ~ #Part 2 -. More information .. See more. 4) Siyonizm ve Masonluk - Yakın Tarihe Uzak Kalma - Prof.


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D&R - Kültür, Sanat ve Eğlence Dünyası

They masonluk ve siyonizm to show themselves as an organization of charity, a society of fraternity and solidarity, instead. First of all, it will be useful to say that the Torah is an ideology and doctrine book of Jews.

The name of that ideology in the field of politics is Zionism.


Zionism and Freemasonry are the examples of the application of the philosophy originating from the Torah. In the changed and distorted Torah, the forms of savagery and massacre that the Jewish race is ordered masonluk ve siyonizm apply to the nations of the world are explained masonluk ve siyonizm detail; secret and unobtrusive methods are also explained in detail and various methods are shown.


When those methods are applied, the nations will be destroyed from inside but they will not notice it; nobody will hear the name of Jews about it. Freemasonry, whose connections with Judaism is stated only masonluk ve siyonizm their own secret resources, is one of the branches masonluk ve siyonizm Judaism that adopts the doctrine of the Torah and acts secretly.

Freemasons find it necessary to keep their relations with Jews secret because it is more useful for them to use charity organizations as a screen and serve their target disguising themselves as charitable people instead of telling people that the have the same aims as Zionism.

Genel Referans

Freemasonry is, indeed, a method of training some people who are not Jewish under a secret society in order to make those people serve Judaism and the ideals of Jews in any field.

Thinking that the targets of Zionism can intimidate people at first, Zionists, along with the concept of Judaism, have carried out their activities with successful, rich and prestigious people having good jobs using favorable concepts like fraternity, friendship and peace through clubs within the structure of Freemasonry.

Thus, they have realized their aims of not putting Zionist targets forward and making people who are not Jews masonluk ve siyonizm the ideals of Judaism. Freemasonry, which claims to have adopted cosmopolitan principles like humanity, world citizenship, internationalism in a form of utopia but which regards only the members of the same organization as brothers and which help the people in the organization which carries out the struggle of the liberty of belief and conscience but which wants to make people adopt the belief of Freemasonry which seems democrat but which is actually liberal, capitalist, privileged and oligarchic which prefers the fraternity of Freemasonry to the principles of competence, worthiness and virtue which has an organization of abundant finance and staff and which is disciplined, authoritarian and international, has some mysteries traditions and symbols.

It is stated in the publications of Freemasonry that those symbols triangle, light, star with six corners, acacia, masonry, hiram form of temple, etc are based on ancient Egyptian and Jewish traditions. Freemasonry has received criticism and protest in the lodges because it regards only its members as masonluk ve siyonizm although it says Freemasonry wants to see humanity as a whole because it protects and defends people due to their membership not due to qualifications like capability, worthiness, etc, because it tries to help its members during a danger or when help is wanted even if those members are against their nation, because of its cosmopolitan structure, because of regarding the principles of Freemasonry as the only truth and because of the unfavorable attitude towards religion and nationality from time to time, because Jews and converts hold the important positions, because it is used as a means of establishing a Jewish state based on Jewish aims and ideals and because the protection of Judaism is always in the background.

Although its origin is very old, Freemasonry was established and developed in England in ; Freemasonry, together with masonluk ve siyonizm British Jews and British colonialism, developed by having agents, sympathizers, deceived and mistaken people everywhere, and they were made to serve as the satellites of the British.


Those masonluk ve siyonizm want to have commercial, economic and political positions are in need of the help of Freemasonry there. When the Constitution that was masonluk ve siyonizm between and and the minutes of the parliament during the elections following it are examined, it will be seen how Greeks, Armenians and other minorities worked for their interests and the division of the State.

Mithat Pasha, who played an important role regarding the issue, has a very interesting identity.

Mithat Pasha, who is the son of a Hungarian rabbi, started to make improvements in masonluk ve siyonizm Turkish state.

He opened schools based on Jewish principles and taught revolutionary doctrines there.


Mithat Pasha also established the political party of Young Turks. In Europe, he acted upon the instructions of Simon Deutch, who was his confident friend. Vedic Mathematics] and several articles on Indian literature and masonluk ve siyonizm.

He has conducted research masonluk ve siyonizm the teaching of English and English literature in universities in both Leeds and London. He has published several books on English and American writers, and prepared and contributed to several dictionaries, both monolingual and bilingual.

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