Although they are very rare entities, the lingual thyroid or a . Orrego H. Z., Álvarez S. H., Araujo E. L. Linfangioma sublingual: caso clínico. Linfangioma cervical: manejo terapéutico con OK (Picibanil Cervical frenillo vestibular, frenillo lingual, orejas alatas, apéndices preauriculares, fístulas. O septo fibroso lingual é bem definido na tomografia computadorizada (TC) e do desenvolvimento (por exemplo: hemangioma, linfangioma, higroma cístico.


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Despite numerous consultations with physicians to identify the underlying problem, it had originally been attributed to linfangioma lingual of unknown cause.

Clinical presentation is variable and may be misleading; therefore, complex imaging studies are necessary in the evaluation of this condition.

US and CT have a major role in the linfangioma lingual preoperative diagnosis and provide important information regarding location, size, adjacent organ involvement, and expected complications. To evaluate the clinical and imaging findings of seven children with proven abdominal cystic lymphangioma.

Linfangioma lingual and imaging files of seven children with pathologically proven abdominal lymphangioma, from three university hospitals, were retrospectively evaluated.

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Patient's ages ranged from 1 day to 6 years mean, 2. Symptoms and signs included evidence of inflammation, abnormal prenatal US findings, chronic abdominal pain, haemorrhage linfangioma lingual trauma, linfangioma lingual signs of intestinal obstruction, and abdominal distension with lower extremities lymphoedema.

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Abstract Epidermoid cysts are a rare entity in the oral cavity and are even less frequent in the floor of the mouth, representing less linfangioma lingual 0. We present the case of a linfangioma lingual girl with a growth in the floor of the mouth with 2 months of evolution and without linfangioma lingual since it was discovered by her parents.


The lesion was asymptomatic; it did not cause dysphagia, dyspnea, or any other alteration. A CT scan with contrast was done linfangioma lingual revealed linfangioma lingual location and exact size of the lesion, allowing an intraoral approach for its excision.

The histological examination confirmed the clinical speculation of an epidermoid cyst.

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Introduction Epidermoid cysts linfangioma lingual benign cystic malformations that are derived from the ectoderm [ 1 ]. They represent between 1. Their typical locations are linfangioma lingual and ovaries.

In the head and neck region, the most common location is in the lateral third of the eyebrow [ 4 — 7 ].


Histologically and according to Meyer's classification [ 8 ], they can be divided into 3 groups: The term dermoid, in addition to representing one of the previous groups, is also linfangioma lingual used to include the three categories [ 4 ].

They can be classified as congenital or acquired, although there is no clinical or histological difference between the two [ 46 ]. Many theories have been proposed to explain their development, suggesting a linfangioma lingual or traumatic origin, or even due to anomalies of the thyroglossal cyst [ 4 ].


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