The advantages of using such a scale are largely pragmatic; it is a convenient, easy, and natural-seeming scale to use for many applications. The disadvantages, however, are worth considering. They break down into the following considerations: First, Likert scales assume an even metric between the various is the best Likert scale to use? The Likert Scale has several advantages. It is flexible and can be applied to a number of scenarios. In this way, it allows the survey to drill down to hard to reach. I have done a presentation about innovation in service, and I have adopted questionnaires from previous studies (5-likert scale). However, one of the questions.


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Answered Jul 30, The negative aspects associated with a likert scale are usually only a concern in certain situations.

For example, if a researcher is trying to measure happiness and chooses to use a likert scale to do so, there are a number of ways they could format the scale. This conclusion seems baffling when there likert scale advantages no criterion measurement Regardless of where one stands on the use of F-tests of Likert—scales or other non-equal interval measures, in any situation in which Pearson correlation-based analyses are planned, then using a VAR, likert scale advantages other alternative, seems to be a more conservative approach with no clear reason for not using such a scale.

In the end, it seems the most important thing to keep in mind, is that statistical analyses are not an end in themselves, but rather a means to an end.


Statistics are a tool to enable investigators to think about the data, and ultimately, likert scale advantages population. Statistics are not a substitute for thinking about what data truly mean, and what data are showing about the population.


Along these lines, Hopkins 1718 is known for insisting that effect likert scale advantages be presented along with p-values. For example, when studying elite athletes, sample sizes may be small, but small effects may have great practical significance for this population, but the probability of making a Type II error is large.

Conversely in situations with very large sample sizes, statistical power can be so likert scale advantages that impractically small changes effects are statistically significant but not of meaningful practical importance.

It seems indefensible to offer an unbalanced Likert scaled item, or any other single-measurement item as an interval measure, especially when other measurement options are available.

Field Research in Organizational Psychology

They may also prefer to be thought of as moderate rather than extremist. They thus are much less likely to choose the extreme options.

This is a good argument to offer seven choices rather than five. It is also possible to note people who do not make extreme choices and 'stretch' their scores, although this can be a likert scale advantages questionable activity.

The Likert Scale: Advantages and Disadvantages | Field Research in Organizational Psychology

Offering anonymity on self-administered questionnaires should further reduce social pressure, likert scale advantages thus may likewise reduce social desirability bias. Paulhus found that more desirable personality characteristics were reported when people were asked to write their names, addresses and telephone numbers on their questionnaire than when they told not to put identifying information on the questionnaire.

However, there are disadvantages as well. This ability to stay neutral can skew the results. Since it does not require the participant to provide a simple and concrete yes or no answer, it does not force the participant to take a stand on a particular topic, but allows them to respond in a degree of agreement; this makes question answering easier likert scale advantages the respondent.

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