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Now benefics give auspicious results even without any relationship during their Dasha.

Whether the malefic will be instrumental in giving the Yogaphal even when they are related? Its answer is given in the succeeding Shloka.

If the same planet happens to own the Angle laghu parashari siddhanta Trine the results are propitious.

If it has relationship with the Lord of any other Trine, the effect will be most laghu parashari siddhanta. If the Lords of the 9th and 10th houses are also respectively Lords of the 8th and the 11th, their relationship is not conductive to any Y oga. This brings to the end of Yoga Adhyaya.

À¤²à¤˜à¥à¤ªà¤¾à¤°à¤¾à¤¶à¤°à¥€ सिध्दान्त: Laghu Parashari Siddhanta

Chapter 3 Ayurdaya Adhyaya Laghu parashari siddhanta 8th house from the Ascendant and the 8th from the 8th, i. The houses related to death are the 12th from each of these. Thus the 2nd and the 7th are the Maraka houses.


Out of these two Marakasthanas 2nd-7th the 2nd house is more powerful. During the ruling period of the Lords of the 2nd and the 7th, the malefics occupying them or associated with them, the death of the native laghu parashari siddhanta possible.

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In the absence of the Dasha period of all or any of these Lords, the Dasha of a benefic planet to the Lord of the 12th house may be stated as responsible laghu parashari siddhanta inflicting death.

End may also be possible in the Dasha of the Lord of the 8th house. In the absence of the past Marakas the death inflicting agents may be traced to the succeeding Lords who may prove fatal in their major or sub-ruling periods. If Saturn is ill-disposed and related to Maraka planets, he will be the first to inflict laghu parashari siddhanta over other plants.

Laghu Parashari Siddhanta

All the planets do not give good or bad results according to their Atmabhavanurupa during their own Antar in their own Dasha. Dasha Nath Lord of the Dasha gives his own Dashaphal effects laghu parashari siddhanta his Dasha in the Antar of those planets who are Sambandha Karta related to him or are of like laghu parashari siddhanta the 9th and give similarphal as that of the Dasha Nath.

Those Planets who give results contrary to the Atamasvabhava of the Dasha Nath the effects in their Antar are by adjustment between the two Lords of the ruling period and those of the sub-period.

An admixture of good and bad effects is seen in the Antar of the Lord of Trishdai during the main ruling period of the Dasha Natu if they are unrelated. The Lord of the angle in his Dasha and the Antar of the Lord of Trine gives good effects if there is mutual relationship between them.

The lord of the Laghu parashari siddhanta in his Dasha and the Antar of the Lord of Trine give good effects if there laghu parashari siddhanta mutual relationship between them. They both give evil effects when there is no mutual relationship between the two.

If a Raja Yoga is operative in the Sub-period of a Yogakaraka but Maraka planet, it improves the effect of such a Yoga. In the same way the sub-period of a malefic promotes the results.

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