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But you were right.


Tell Amos what happened. Tell them what happened. Contents [ show ] History Little is known about Desjardins' early life, but he was born about years ago, a young age by magicians' standards.

Although Desjardins is proud of his family, he is also sensitive about being kroniki rodu kane newcomer kroniki rodu kane the House of Life.

OGNISTY TRON KRONIKI RODU KANE TOM 2 Rick Riordan polska ksiegarnia *JBook | eBay

He lives in a house on Rue des Pyramides Pyramids Road with a large magical kroniki rodu kane it is somewhat odd that his door is red, the color of Set. It is said that he has the same kroniki rodu kane eyes as Moses. The Red Pyramid Desjardins, along with Zia Rashidwas assigned to watch Julius Kane for any signs that he may attempt to release a god.


Kroniki rodu kane Julius uses the Rosetta Stone to release Osiris as well as four other godsthe Stone is destroyed, infuriating Desjardins as he is a descendant of the man who deciphered it.

However, the Stone was later repaired by magic. After Zia retrieves the Kroniki rodu kane siblings and brings them to the First NomeDesjardins immediately wishes to have them executed in the fear that they are hosting gods.

Chief Lector Iskandar refuses and decides instead to test them as magicians. They escape, but Desjardins, Zia, Meland an kroniki rodu kane magician take on the mission of killing the siblings.

Michel Desjardins

Meanwhile, Sadie and Carter begin to suspect that Desjardins is the host of Set, but later abandon this theory. Their uncle, Amos Kaneis later revealed kroniki rodu kane be the unwilling host for Set.

Desjardins attacks the Kane siblings at Las Cruces, unleashing Sekhmet upon them, but due to their cleverness and kroniki rodu kane aid of Amos and Zia, they survive.

Desjardins later joins the House on the assault on Set, but is ultimately unable to harm the god and he is only defeated once Kroniki rodu kane uses his Secret Name. When Kroniki rodu kane accuses Sadie and Carter of being drunk on the power provided by the gods they are hosting, they prove him wrong by willingly asking the gods to leave them, much to Desjardins' shock.

KRONIKI RODU KANE by Zosia Poś on Prezi

Although still reluctant to give up his belief that the way of the gods will doom them, Desjardins lets the siblings go unharmed - for now.

He sides with Vlad the Inhalereven kroniki rodu kane Carter continuously informs him that Vlad is trying to unleash Apophis and all his chaos kroniki rodu kane the world, which Desjardins later finds accurate. Kroniki rodu kane the battle against Vlad in the Duatnear where Apophis is chained, Desjardins sides with the Kanes and casts an execration spell to banish Apophis for a little longer, though he knows it won't be for long.

He does this so they have more time to train people in the path of the gods which he realizes they are right about.

Kroniki rodu Kane Tom Rick Riordan: : Books

However, in order to banish Apophis, he uses up all of his kroniki rodu kane force and disintegrates into a series of hieroglyphs after making peace with Carter and Sadie. Personality Desjardins is initially portrayed as angry, arrogant, and narrow-minded.

He strongly believes in the way of the Kroniki rodu kane of Life and refuses to even consider the Kane siblings' predicament, instead viewing them only as a threat.


He is also quite rash and hypocritical when he summons Sekhmetsince he openly kroniki rodu kane the gods himself. However, in The Throne of FireDesjardins, while being secretly corrupted by Vlad Menshikov, suspects Menshikov's disloyalty but does not act until kroniki rodu kane has evidence.

He also shows hesitation in attacking the Kanes until they steal the Book of Ra and considers, for the first time, that maybe that they are right.

He is said to have been shaken up by Set's actions and doesn't seem entirely sure of himself anymore.

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