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September jane ammunition handbook, Time: September 11, Time: Ballistics of the DM11 are comparable to those of the Ultimate Combat cartridge. All ammunition types can be fired with a suppressor fitted and the gun functions normally in the semi-automatic or automatic modes.

Solid dummy cartridge for weapon drill and training.


PbSb core in steel jacket plated with Cu alloy; 2. Folded brass case Drill: Solid dummy cartridge United States Hornady.

Jane's Ammunition Handbook

jane ammunition handbook Aleksandr I Bochin developed this cartridge in for use in the PSM ultracompact pistol issued to police and military security troops. It became known in the West jane ammunition handbook after its development, but nothing was known of its parent weapon until The Drel pistol in was derived from the.

The round uses a bottlenecked rimless case, carrying an unusual Full Metal Jacket FMJ bullet with a flat tip and a compound core.

The bottlenecked cartridge case is an unusual complication in a blowback weapon, but Russian sources claim that the PSM is unusually reliable. This, again, is unusual in jane ammunition handbook pistol bullet but generally duplicates the construction of rifle bullets of similar calibre, such as the mm SS and the mm.

Jane ammunition handbook CartridgeWorks manufactures two loadings: J Tula Cartridge Plant Production.


This cartridge was developed by FN in the mids for the P90 compact sub-machine jane ammunition handbook. The initial bullet used was the SS90, which had a plastic core within a pointed, conical metal jacket.

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jane ammunition handbook FN therefore developed the SS bullet, with a composite core of hardened steel in the front part and aluminium at the rear. Competitive NATO trials of the 5. All three rounds the 5.

Both the P90 and the Five-seveN pistol have been acquired in some numbers, mainly by jane ammunition handbook and military special units.

The case is rimless, bottlenecked, steel and Berdan primed. The streamlined bullet is composed of a steel and aluminium core within a steel jacket. The CBJ cartridge has the same overall jane ammunition handbook as the 9 19 Parabellum cartridge and generates the same level of firing impulse.

The cartridge case is of brass initially, but with aluminium alloy planned for later production. The brass cartridges weigh 7.

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