In the MSc programme of International Development Studies you learn to understand processes of social transformation, and also how to integrate and share. The International Development Studies programs at the University of Toronto Scarborough provide students with a critical understanding of international development issues through exposure to a variety of academic disciplines, cultures, and, in the case of the specialist co-op program, an overseas work experience in the. The Master's programme in International Development Studies welcomes both Dutch and international students who seek to study global development issues in a multidisciplinary programme, and who enjoy and can contribute to an intellectually and culturally diverse community. The programme is demanding and full time.


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Focus on research The Masters Programme in International Development Studies builds international development studies a long tradition of research through its extensive global network of both Southern and Northern international development studies in development.

Within the GID, there are three main lines of research. Governance of natural resources and well-being Urban governance and resilient development Governance of education, development and social justice Elective courses in the Masters Programme in International Development Studies are offered along the lines of these subgroups.

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Specialisations You select one of the following specialisations in consultation and agreement with your international development studies adviser. Your specialisation depends on your academic background, and interest.

What is International Development Studies? | Centre for Critical Development Studies

Incoming exchange students can design a variety of course combinations. Please international development studies that students with a former master degree from NMBU will not be prioritized. The overarching approach to learning in the program is problem-based and process-oriented.

This implies that in many of the core courses, the students will be given responsibility for developing assignments, finding information, and deciding international development studies the form of the presentation. Problem-based work will usually take place in a group setting.

In this video, the features of a Research Master's programme are explained by a current student, an alumni and an academic staff international development studies To watch this video you'll need to accept all cookies.

Programme objective The central objective of the Master's in International Development Studies programme is to equip you with conceptual and empirical knowledge as well international development studies research skills necessary to understand and analyse contemporary issues pertaining to international development in broad geographical contexts local, regional, and international levels.

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