Latest News on India-sri-lanka-relations. Read breaking stories and opinion articles on India Sri Lanka Relations at Firstpost. India's role in Civil war and its implications. The bilateral relations between India and Sri Lanka deteriorated in 's with a rising of the Tamil militant separatism in Sri Lanka. In with the objective of improving the ties, Indo-Sri Lankan Accord was signed between India and Sri Lanka. Both the countries attained Independence from British colonial rule in successive years, while India gained in , Sri Lanka or Ceylon as it was known at the time got independence in In the first three decades since India and Sri Lanka gained independence both shared a mutual respect and cordial relations.


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Strong relationship from pre-colonial era years built upon a legacy of intellectual, cultural, religious and linguistic interaction Historically parts of British India Member countries of NAM.

India-Sri Lanka relations−Good, Bad or Ugly? | My India

Presence of a significant Tamil ethnic group. Colombo agreed to a devolution of power to the provinces. Tamil rebels were to surrender their arms Merger Official status for the Tamil language India sri lanka relation Liberation — the successful, on-going anti- insurgent operation by Sri Lankan india sri lanka relation in the Northern peninsula — was ended and the Sri Lankan troops were to be withdrawn to their barracks in the north.

India agreed to end support for the Tamil separatist movement and recognise the unity of Sri Lanka and also promised not to allow its territory to be used by Tamil militants The Indo-Sri Lanka Accord also underlined the commitment of Indian military assistance - Indian Peace Keeping Force came to be inducted into Sri Lanka.

india sri lanka relation But this was stopped due to the pressure from India. Over the time, Sri Lankan government had indicated that there are no plans to devolve the police powers to the Northern Provincial Council.

The recent Supreme Court verdict - land is essentially a federal subject.

But this operation led to several human rights abuses especially by the army including rapes, civilian deaths of around 40, as india sri lanka relation UNHRC estimates, fake encounters etc.

India can pressurize the SL government to devolve other powers and make necessary constitutional amendment. The NP government should start working with the available powers for the 5 R's — Reconstruction, Resettlement, Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Reconciliation for which the SL government have committed along with the 4 D's — Demilitarisation, Democracy, Devolution and India sri lanka relation.

India should play the role as a well-wisher and not as an interferer. Balance both the govt.

Latest News on India Sri Lanka Relations

NP and Central and their engagements. There should also be a political maturity among the various stake holders in India on Sri Lankan Tamil issues.

However due to the insurgency that prevailed during the india sri lanka relation thirty years in these areas, Indo-Sri Lanka maritime boundary and the Palk Strait became an increasing trouble spot.

The maritime boundary with SL has been demarcated except for the contended area around Katchatheevu Island - which is 18 nautical miles off the Indian coast and accord — India accepted the sovereignty of SL over the island but was not tabled for parliament's ratification.

Fishermen from both sides were allowed to fish on their side of the IMBL, and they should not cross over to the waters of the other country for exploiting the resources. At the same time, Indian fishermen were allowed to use the island for drying their nets, to rest etc.

Pilgrims and Indian Fishermen will not be required to obtain travel and visa documents to enter Island. The Indian fishermen venture deep into Lankan waters and fish near the SL coast posing a security threat to Lanka and affecting the livelihood of Lankan Tamil fishermen They also use heavy mechanised trawlers due to which the nets of the India sri lanka relation Tamils are destroyed along with the ecosystem.


Rather than be engaged in solving strategic issues, officials are preoccupied in pleading for the release of Tamil Nadu fishermen, which is interpreted by Colombo as doing India a favour.

Establish a Joint Palk Bay Authority comprising representatives of the governments of India and Sri Lanka, fisheries and marine experts and fishermen of both the countries to regulate fishing activity in the India sri lanka relation.

The authority could decide the permissible annual catch, type of fishing equipment to be used, allot equitable fishing dates to both groups of fishermen three days each per week for the two sides and one-day holidaydefine non-fishing zones, identify means of safeguarding interests of traditional fishermen and identify alternative livelihood too.

India sri lanka relation from the India can be rehabilitated by deploying them in deep sea fishing and processing vessels.

INDIA-SRI LANKA RELATIONS - Best and Top IAS Coaching Institute in Kochi, Trivandrum, Kerala

Start joint-venture initiatives involving Indian and Sri Lankan fishermen in deep sea fishing by introducing multiday boats and giant fishing and fish-processing vessels in international waters.

It will act as a boost for the deteriorated relations Indian Navy and Coast Guard and their SL counterparts should engage more, evolve standard practices, and coordinate more on information sharing and other Confidence building measures CBM. Sri India sri lanka relation is India's second largest trade partner in South Asia.

India in turn is Sri Lanka's largest trade partner globally. Have signed FTA in india sri lanka relation China supplies huge number of military equipments, arms and ammunitions.


China is now supplying over half of all the construction and development loans Sri Lanka is receiving Chinese investment in the development of infrastructure and oil exploration projects in Sri Lanka have india sri lanka relation - constructing power plants, modernising Lankan railway, providing financial and technical assistance in launching of communication satellites.

China is providing interest free loans and preferential loans at subsidised rates to Sri Lanka for the development of infrastructure.

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