Beginner Marathon Advanced Marathon Beginner Half Mararthon Advanced Half 10k For Personal Coaching or more options: Visit Hansons Coaching Services. The Hanson's Marathon Method has gained attention because it limits the longest Long Run to 16 miles for most of their plans. While I disagree. Hansons Marathon Method lays out the smartest marathon training program available from one of the most accomplished running groups in the nation. Using this innovative approach, runners will mold real marathon muscles, train their body to never hit the wall, and prepare to run their fastest marathon.


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Runners improved their time over their previous run by an average of about 11 minutes, which is a little less than many other hanson marathon method.

About a quarter of the runners Hit The Wall, which is also about average for the survey. Respondents also indicated they felt that the long runs were too short, hanson marathon method the speed work was about right.

Hanson's Marathon Method (second edition) - , Running tips

The average Long Run distance was Only about a third of the runners using the Hanson plan actually limited hanson marathon method distance to the 16 miles.

A 20 mile run can be physically injurious. While it's hanson marathon method that running further than your endurance will support, I've seen no evidence that any particular distance is associated with an increased injury rate.

It seems far more reasonable that the issue is the lack of gradual build up than any specific distance that increases risk. A 20 mile run can be demoralizing.

Any run that takes you beyond your capabilities can be demoralizing, be it a long run or speedwork. If a long run is accomplished without undue fatigue, it can be a moral boost.

There is plenty of academic evidence against 20 mile training runs. I have hanson marathon method unable to locate any such evidence, despite many hours of hanson marathon method. The book provides no references to any research.

The Hanson Long Run approach is like the last 16 miles of a marathon, not the first. This is an odd statement; if it is true, then the Hanson Long Run is going to be as damaging as the race itself. I've seen no research or valid rationale for why this idea has taken root in the running hanson marathon method.

Hanson's Marathon Method (second edition)

The idea that increased fatigue from hanson marathon method runs allows for a longer Long Run does not seem reasonable.

Compare this with other forms of fatigue: This is perfectly valid, but I've not seen other plans use 20 miles as a specific distance.

Of all the plans I've evaluated, only a tiny number have their longest Long Run as 20 miles. A 2 hour easy-to-moderate length run will deplete Glycogen so much it may take 72 hours hanson marathon method recover, hanson marathon method impairs other training.

I would agree that running longer than your endurance will support can impair further training that week, which is why I believe it's critical to build up the long run gradually. The Marathon does physical damage, and therefore so will a 20 mile run. An all-out marathon race tends to cause significant damage, especially in those that have not trained sufficiently to build up their endurance.

However, a slower paced long run can be achieved without minimal recovery effort.


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