George Fox's Journal. by Fox, George, ; Parker, Percy Livingstone, , ed; Nicoll, W. Robertson (William Robertson), Sir. Jump to Journal and letters - Fox's journal was first published in , after editing by Thomas Ellwood—a friend and associate of John Milton—with a  Church‎: ‎Religious Society of Friends‎ (Quakers). Street Corner Society - Historical texts - Journal of George Fox.


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George Fox - Wikipedia

George fox journal powerful preaching began to attract a small following. It is not clear at what point the Society of Friends was formed but there was certainly a group of people who often travelled together.

At first, they called themselves "Children of the Light" or "Friends of the Truth", and later simply "Friends". Fox seems to have initially had no desire to found a sect but only to proclaim what he saw as the pure and genuine principles of Christianity in their original simplicity, though he afterward showed great prowess as a religious organisor in george fox journal structure he gave to the new society.

The Journal of George Fox

There were a great many rival Christian denominations holding very diverse opinions; the atmosphere of dispute and confusion gave Fox an opportunity to put forward his own beliefs through his personal sermons. Fox's preaching was grounded in scripture but was mainly george fox journal because of the intense personal experience he was able to project.

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  • George Fox Journal
  • George Fox

By he had gathered other talented preachers around him and continued to roam the country despite a harsh reception from some listeners, who would whip and beat them to drive them away. As an uncompromising preacher, he george fox journal disputation and contradiction to the faces of his opponents.


In his view, as God was everywhere and anyone could preach, the established church was unnecessary and a university qualification george fox journal for a preacher. Fox was imprisoned several times, the first at Nottingham in Refusal to take oaths meant that Quakers could be prosecuted under laws compelling subjects to pledge allegianceas well as making testifying in court problematic.

InFox preached for several hours under a walnut tree at Balbygeorge fox journal his disciple Thomas Aldham was instrumental in setting up the first meeting in the Doncaster area. From there george fox journal travelled to Sedberghwhere he had heard a group of Seekers were meeting, and preached to over a thousand people on Firbank Fellconvincing many, including Francis Howgillto accept that Christ might speak to people directly.


At around this time the ad hoc meetings of Friends george fox journal to be formalized and a monthly meeting was set up in County Durham.

Fell was one of three presiding judges, and had the charges dismissed on a technicality. Fox remained at Swarthmoor until summer then left for Carlisle where he was arrested again for blasphemy.

George fox journal usually included causing a disturbance and travelling without a pass.

George Fox's Journal

Quakers fell foul of irregularly enforced laws forbidding unauthorized worship while actions motivated by belief in social equality—refusing to use or acknowledge george fox journal, take hats off in court or bow to those who considered themselves socially superior—were seen as disrespectful.

Lest ye fall into condemnation. In george fox journal journal, he told his magistrate, "God dwells not in temples made with hands.

Encounters with Cromwell[ edit ] Cromwell was sympathetic to Fox and almost agreed to follow his teaching—but persecution of Quakers continued. Parliamentarians grew suspicious of monarchist plots and fearful that the group travelling with Fox aimed to overthrow the government: In early he was arrested at Whetstone, Leicestershire and taken to London under armed guard.

The Journal of George Fox by George Fox

After affirming that he had no intention of taking up arms Fox was able to speak with Cromwell for most of the morning about the Friends and advised him to listen to God's voice and obey it so that, as Fox left, Cromwell "with tears in his eyes said, 'Come again to my house; for if thou and I were but an hour of a day together, we should be nearer one to the other'; adding that he wished [Fox] no more ill than he did to his own soul.

Fox petitioned Cromwell over the course ofasking him to alleviate the persecution of Quakers. On a personal level, the meeting went well; despite disagreements between the george fox journal men, they had a certain rapport.

Fox invited Cromwell to george fox journal down his crown at the feet of Jesus"—which Cromwell declined to do. A breach began to form between Fox's and Nayler's followers.

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