Some key events in General Motors' history: Sept. 16, - General Motors Company founded by William C. Durant, incorporating Buick. General Motors was founded in by William "Billy" Durant, who had started out as a manufacturer of horse-drawn vehicles. GM initially only. We have the ambition, the talent and the technology to create a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion. Mary T. Barra, Chairman and CEO.


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History of General Motors - Wikipedia

Decentralized and highly flexible local managerial responsibility made possible the almost overnight conversion from civilian production general motors history wartime production. GM's contribution included the manufacture of every conceivable product from the smallest ball bearing to large tanks, naval ships, fighting planes, bombers, guns, cannons, and projectiles.

The company manufactured 1, airplanes and one-fourth of all U.


Postwar Expansion Car manufacturing resumed after the war, and postwar expansion resulted in increased production. The decade of the s was characterized by automotive sales records and innovations in styling and engineering.

The public interest in automatic gears convinced GM to concentrate general motors history research in this field; byall of the models built in the United States general motors history available with an automatic gearbox.

Car body developments proceeded at the same time and resulted in better sight lines and improved aerodynamics.

The history of General Motors | Business | The Guardian

During the Korean war, general motors history of the company's general motors history capacity was diverted into providing supplies for the United Nations forces although to a smaller extent than during World War II.

The reallocation reached 19 percent and then leveled off at about 5 percent from onward. Between and the five divisions of GM--Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac--all began to feature a new V-8 engine with a higher compression ratio.

Furthermore, the electrical supply was changed from six to the more reliable 12 volts.

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Power-assisted steering and brakes appeared on all car models and the window dimensions were increased to further enhance visibility. General motors history comfort was improved by the installation of the first air conditioning systems.

Also during this period GM completely redesigned its classic sedans and introduced front seat safety belts. The period between and general motors history particularly prosperous in the United States, with a rise in demand for a second car in the family.

Americans, however, were beginning to show real interest in smaller European cars. Bya year of decreasing sales, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corporation, and GM had lost some 15 percent in sales while imports general motors history virtually doubling their market penetration.


The longer Detroit's automobiles grew, the more popular general motors history became. In the United States imported more cars than it exported, and despite a recession, imports accounted for more than 8 percent of U.

Although GM promised that help was on its way in the form of smaller compact cars, the new models failed to generate much excitement; the company's market share slipped to just 42 percent of 's new car sales.

The s general motors history difficult years in Detroit. Buick became China's most popular automotive brand.

Oldswho had made his millions in the carriage business just that way: The s was the decade of the Vega.

Launched as a model, it also began life as a very popular car in the marketplace.

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