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A strong emphasis is placed on the social and emotional development of each child.


We encourage parents to be active partners in this process. Formulario de secciones conicas year, our school will be undergoing a master scheduling review process to determine if changes need to be made to the number of periods offered based on the staffing allocation from MCPS and current enrollment.

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The outcome of the Master Schedule Review Process is to determine whether we provide a 7-period schedule or remain an 8-period schedule. I understand this may create a disruption in the scheduling process, but the school will continue to work with due diligence and work towards the best schedule for your child.

Animamos a cada alumno a seguir un programa formulario de secciones conicas estudios riguroso y a comprometerse a la excelencia por su camino.


En formulario de secciones conicas Colegio Intermedio Internacional de Silver Spring, enfatizamos la importancia de independencia y responsabilidad. Les pedimos a los padres que sean socios activos de este proceso. Esto asegura la continuidad mientras los alumnos pasan de la escuela elemental a la superior.

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The outcome of the master schedule review process is to determine whether we provide a seven-period schedule or continue to provide formulario de secciones conicas eight-period schedule. We understand that this may create a disruption in the scheduling process, but the school will continue to work formulario de secciones conicas due diligence in order to create the best schedule for your child.

Academic Placement - In middle school, students are frequently grouped and re-grouped, allowing them to meet and work with a broad spectrum of peers. These grouping practices may include cluster groups, as well as daily cooperative learning groups, within each classroom.

A clustered class includes both Gifted and Talented GT and non-GT students for the purpose of providing all students access to rigorous instruction and resources within the same classroom.

Through differentiated instruction, teachers provide the appropriate level of instruction to formulario de secciones conicas student assigned to the class. This information will be used to determine student placements.

Changes and adjustments are made based on student progress, emerging abilities, interests, talents and social needs.


Evaluation of student performance is on-going allowing for adjustment throughout the school year, as needed. Accelerated and Enriched Programming and Instruction - Formulario de secciones conicas Silver Spring International Middle School provides a continuum of accelerated and enriched instructional opportunities.

We offer formulario de secciones conicas and enriched instructional pathways built into the MCPS curriculum. In mathematics, high school courses such as algebra and geometry are offered. Advanced-level courses for English, science, and world studies offer additional opportunity for acceleration and enrichment to all students demonstrating the ability, potential, or motivation to attempt this challenging course of study.

The activities include clubs that focus on academic support, sports and clubs. Some of our clubs include: In addition to our intramural sports, we also field interscholastic teams in cross-country, softball, basketball and soccer.

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Interscholastic sports are available to 7th and 8th graders. Activity buses are available Tuesday to Thursdays at 4: Block Schedule - The Silver Spring International Middle School operates using a block schedule formulario de secciones conicas 80 minutes of instruction per class period.

This increased length of instructional formulario de secciones conicas time allows teachers to use a variety of instructional approaches and to provide extended lessons. Teachers develop closer relationships with students, and have additional opportunities to provide academic support to their students.

Counseling Department - While at Silver Spring International Middle School, students will be assigned to a counselor who will help them in three major areas: The counselor may help individual students or small groups in a variety of settings.

Additionally, students may explore counseling issues through specially designed programs.

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