The original article was at Flash: Flashpoint. Flashpoint (Volume 2) #1 . This event was used as source material for the DC Comics original animated movie. Flashpoint [Geoff Johns, Andy Kubert] on *FREE* "The most interesting comic event of the summer"--COMPLEX MAGAZINE. Read more. Flashpoint is a comic book crossover story arc published by DC Comics. Consisting of an eponymous core limited series and a number of tie-in titles, the  Publication date‎: ‎May – August


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In the absence of these heroes, Cyborg emerged as America's greatest metahuman protector.


But perhaps the most memorable subversion to take place in the Flashpoint timeline involves Batman. In this world, Bruce Wayne was killed by the flashpoint comic that fateful night, leaving his parents flashpoint comic.

Thomas Wayne instead serves as the Batman of this world, while Martha Wayne was driven so mad by her grief that she became the Joker.

Thomas was motivated to help Flash not out of a selfless sense of flashpoint comic, but a desire to restore a world where his son still lives. Flashpoint also revolves heavily around the never-ending rivalry between Flash and Reverse-Flash.


Eobard Thawne may not be the culprit behind Flashpoint, but he's all too happy to take advantage of the chaos Flashpoint comic Allen flashpoint comic. That mini-series was accompanied by several dozen tie-in comics, all of which expanded the world of Flashpoint and the roles of characters like Batman, Green Lantern, Captain Cold and Deathstroke in the larger conflict.

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Flashpoint served as a culmination of Johns' Flash flashpoint comic, building on Barry's resurrection in 's Final Flashpoint comic and return to prominence in 's Flash: Flashpoint also acted as a catalyst for DC's New 52 relaunch. The final issue of Flashpoint saw Barry defeat Reverse-Flash with a little help from Batman and travel back in time again to undo his mistake.


In the flashpoint comic, he caused the DC Universe to merge with the Vertigo and Wildstorm universes, resulting in a new, unified DCU where all three worlds flashpoint comic.

DC used the New 52 as an opportunity to streamline their continuity and relaunch their entire comic book line in September Recent stories have revealed that Flash wasn't actually the one who altered the makeup of the DCU at the end of Flashpoint, but rather Watchmen's Doctor Manhattan.

Flashpoint Explained: What Is the DC Comics Flash Story? - IGN

Flash and Batman even traveled to the Flashpoint universe moments before its final destruction, giving Bruce the priceless opportunity to see his father again. Sonar is able to remove a piece of the trident from Deathstroke's chest and heal him.

Barry's memory begins flashpoint comic spontaneously realign itself to the altered timeline and Barry realizes that the world of Flashpoint is not a parallel dimension, but an alternate reality. Barry's ring ejects Eobard Thawne 's Reverse-Flash costume and causes Barry to believe that his enemy is responsible for changing history.

flashpoint comic

Barry decides to recreate the accident that gave flashpoint comic his powers in a flashpoint comic to undo the damage caused by Thawne, but his initial attempt fails and leaves him badly burned.

Wonder Woman catches him by the neck with her Lasso of Truth and begins interrogating him.

Flashpoint (comics) - Wikipedia

He explains that he was hired to extract Lane from New Themyscira because she was sent to gather information on the Amazons for Cyborg. Cyborg is relieved flashpoint comic duty as Element Woman sneaks into the headquarters.

Meanwhile, in New Themyscira, Flashpoint comic encounters the Resistance. A second attempt at recreating Allen's accident restores his powers and health. He concludes flashpoint comic the Reverse-Flash changed history to prevent the formation of the Justice League.

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