The epic saga continues -- and improves. Read Common Sense Media's Eldest: The Inheritance Cycle, Book 2 review, age rating, and parents guide. Eldest is the second book in the Inheritance cycle. It was released on August 23, , and, like Eragon, became a New York Vietnamese edition (part 2). 2. As always, this book is for my family. And also to my incredible fans. You made this adventure possible. Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!


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Eragon & Eldest (Inheritance, #1-2)

With barely time to mourn his fallen friends Eragon is first caught up in political intrigue among the humans, and between the humans, elves, and dwarves, and then sent across the empire to complete his training as a Rider with the elves in the vast forest of Du Weldenvarden.

At the same time, Eragon's cousin Roran is sought by Galbatorix, who sends soldiers and two of the eragon book 2 Ra'zac to Carvahall, Eragon's home. Elva is enchanted, and locates the assailant, who is killed after unwillingly surrendering information to Varden magicians about a subversive group based in Surda called the Black Hand, who is plotting to kill Nasuada.

Eragon book 2 later attends a meeting with key figures in Surda's government to discuss a potential upcoming battle against the Empire. They learn that the eragon book 2 is coming sooner than they initially suspected, and mobilize forces to attack, as well as sending for help from the dwarves.

Eragon & Eldest (Inheritance, #) by Christopher Paolini

In the meantime, Eragon continues his training, but is discouraged when the scar on his back causes him to have agonizing seizures multiple times per day. He has been swooning over Arya for most of the book. Saphira also has a similar problem with Glaedr, as she believes him to be a eragon book 2 choice eragon book 2 a mate and tries to win his affections.

Eragon tells her it would not be proper, and she in turn replies that Arya is not as important as his education.


Both efforts fail miserably, but bring Eragon and Saphira closer together. The changes alter his senses, and enhance his abilities, effectively turning him into an elf-human hybrid, as eragon book 2 as healing all of his wounds, scars, and eragon book 2 injury.

Reinvigorated, Eragon continues training until he learns that the Empire will soon attack the Varden in Surda. Afterward he confesses his feelings for Arya who rejects him harshly.


Dismayed, he leaves without completing his training, to aid the Varden in battle. Meanwhile, Roran is planning to rescue Katrina.

Eldest | Inheriwiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

He decides that the only solution is to join the Varden in Surda, and so he convinces almost the entire village to travel there. The villagers reach Narda, where they pay for barges to sail to Teirm.

eragon book 2

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Roran is stunned that his cousin is a Dragon Rider, and he asks Jeod eragon book 2 help to reach the Varden. Roran sees Wanted posters for both himself and Eragon, and is relieved that his new beard has changed his appearance.

There are no boats to be had, so the villagers instead arrange to use three eragon book 2 piloted by a fisherman named Clovis to take them as far as the next major city, Teirm.


Horst is troubled by this dishonesty but agrees to the plan, but the villagers are distraught at the thought eragon book 2 traveling on barges like cargo. When the barges meet up with the villagers, Clovis protests that he did not agree to transport fugitives.

Roran threatens him, but also tells him about eragon book 2 destruction of Carvahall and wins the sympathy of the captain, who no friend of the Empire. When she arrives home, he presents her with flowers and his apology, and they reconcile.

Arya tells Eragon that her poem is a eragon book 2 to bring to the Blood-Oath Celebration, a centennial ritual commemorating the alliance between elves and dragons that first produced the order of Riders, at which everyone must share a creative work.

Glaedr brings Eragon and Saphira to a distant peak and tells them eragon book 2 history of this alliance: Melding the two races gave the dragons in general language and civilization, and the elves immortality and strength.

When humans also became riders their race as a whole also became gentler and stronger, but now, as the dragon population dwindles, both the human and the elves also decline. Glaedr tells Eragon and Saphira that a dying dragon or Rider needs to separate his or her consciousness from the other in order to allow the other to survive.

eragon book 2

Eldest: The Inheritance Cycle, Book 2 Book Review

He kills rabbits by magic and cooks them, but at the eragon book 2 minute remembers his meditations in the forest and becomes repulsed by the idea of eating meat. Saphira defends her carnivorous ways, and eats the rabbits for him.

She explains to him that she had hoped Glaedr would be her mate, but that he rejected her angrily and then she attacked.

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