Palabras clave: Desarrollo sostenible, edificios verdes, uso racional y eficiente de la .. Edificación sustentable en América del Norte, Estados Unidos, , p. En EA Buildings nos esforzamos por liderar la transformación del mercado de la arquitectura y construcción en todo el mundo, aplicando una filosofia de. En SEICA contamos con personal capacitado para diseñar y construir edificios sustentables con la certificación LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental.


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Keynote speeches by prominent specialists in the field of sustainability, from both Mexico and abroad.

Discussions with specialists, companies and non-governmental organizations. Workshops run by prominent professionals from the field.

We invite academics, students, innovators, entrepreneurs and decision-makers who are concerned about sustainability to participate in this conference and share their experiences in the following formats: Structured papers within the two main thematic areas of the conference, in oral face-to-face modality and in poster format.

Presentations by technologists and providers of materials and services related to sustainable habitat construction. This Conference is aimed primarily at people from the following sectors: Urbanism professionals who wish to enhance their practice through edificaciones sustentables and the implementation of strategies and techniques that promote sustainability.

Members of the business sector who edificaciones sustentables technology or innovative services in the field of habitat sustainability.

Consejo Mexicano De Edificaciones Sustentables Cems - Clip Songs

Builders, urban developers and technologists who are looking to offer innovative solutions. Government agencies in charge of managing funding for sustainability-oriented technological and social proposals. As part of a report prepared for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation CECBuildingGreen and others edificaciones sustentables interviews with key players representing a edificaciones sustentables range of building-related workforce sectors throughout North America.

For existing buildings with baselines, these represent actual savings.

Marco Leonel Vasconcelos Sandoval

edificaciones sustentables For new buildings with no baseline, these figures represent estimate savings from a business as usual building edificaciones sustentables. The book concludes with coverage of the role of information technology, corporate social responsibility, innovation, and next steps.


The content paints a picture of the current and edificaciones sustentables forest sector including the state of forests, the nature of markets, the newly emerged patterns of stakeholder impact, and evolution of key business practices.

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