A B S T R A C T. The issues of cross-cultural therapy permeates into different aspects of human lives, hence bringing to the fore implications for counseling. What Is Multi-Cultural Counseling? It's no secret that the population in this country continues to rise. This increase can be attributed not only to longer lifespans. Cross-cultural psychology is the study of similarities and differences in individual psychological functioning in various cultural and ethnic groups, as well as the.


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Starting a multi-cultural counseling career typically requires a unique set of skills and characteristics.

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Professionals cross cultural counseling this field must be open to new and different cross cultural counseling, while able to embrace their own cultural backgrounds and beliefs. They should have a deep knowledge and understanding of a variety of different cultures, and be able to speak at least a few different languages.

Because there are often language barriers and cultural misunderstandings, multi-cultural counselors should also have excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Above all, however, multi-cultural counselors cross cultural counseling be compassionate and non-judgmental, with an understanding of the challenges that culturally diverse individuals and cross cultural counseling must face.

Although the number of immigrants to the United States - both legal and otherwise - has seen dips and spikes over the years, the number of immigrants coming into this country ultimately remains steady.

What is Cross-Cultural Counseling?

With individuals continually pouring into the country, it goes without saying that a number of people within our borders cross cultural counseling experience such things as culture shock, prejudice, and difficulties adjusting to their new lives.

Multi-cultural counseling is often needed to help individuals adjust to their new lives and help others adjust to them as well. This type of counseling can be used to bridge the rifts between individuals of diverse cultures, making a cross cultural counseling peaceful and less confusing existence for all of us.

The collectivist determinants of social behavior are equally a norms, duties, and obligations, and cross cultural counseling attitudes and personal needs.

In contrast, individualist determinants are primarily attitudes, personal needs, perceived rights, and contracts. Whereas collectivists emphasize unconditional relatedness, individualists emphasize rationality in decision.


Areas of Research Cross-cultural psychology involves many areas in psychology, including cognition, values, and mental health.

The major research harvested by cross-cultural psychology can be categorized cross cultural counseling six areas: Values Implicit in cross-cultural studies of values are guidelines on improvements in group relations, international negotiation, and globalization.

What is Cross-Cultural Counseling? - Online Psychology Degree Guide

Many different worldviews, conceptualizations of the world, affect what people in which society think cross cultural counseling fair or what matters.

These differences are their different views of the world to result in different manners of relating one to another.

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Naturally, then, any two groups with different values say, American students and international students cross cultural counseling form a community cross-culturally related, where interactions are prone to erroneous interpretations and judgments. Therefore, training in intercultural understanding is incumbent on all those in the counseling field, deserving close attention by scholars and professionals alike.


Personality Cultural and cross-cultural analyses have thrown doubt over the existence of monolithic meanings of the key notions in psychology e. Cross cultural counseling, as any other concept, is socially constructed, particularly based on Western assumptions.

A high level of correspondence between cross cultural counseling personality models and everyday conceptions of personality has been found, indicating that personality is a cultural product. Despite such reports, many personality assessments e.

Cross-Cultural Counseling Psychology

High degrees of cross-cultural validity, reported by some researchers such as James N. Butcher, who conducted the MMPI-2, may have prompted a proposal of the universality of personality.

Cross cultural counseling Issues Cross-cultural research on gender has also yielded crucial findings.

The core finding is that gender-related phenomena are embedded in cultures, cross cultural counseling the phenomena are sex-related differences in behavior or relations between sexes. Sex-role socialization has been studied in cross cultural counseling and adolescents. On the role gender plays in later stages of life, women in traditional societies may well gain status with age advancement, which is a situation different from that in Western societies.

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