In a deftly plotted mystery and quest tale that's also a teasing intellectual adventure, Whitehead traces the continuing education of Lila Mae. Harvard graduate with the vivid name of Colson Whitehead. His first novel, “The Intuitionist,” came out in and won a flock of fledgling . In “The Intuitionist,” Whitehead employed a trick of jumping back and forth in the. This debut novel by the Pulitzer-Prize winning author of The Underground Railroad wowed critics and readers everywhere and marked the debut.


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Fulton's servant and heir Ben Urich: Liberal and Intuitionist candidate for the presidency of the Elevator Guild Mr.

The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead

Lever's secretary and campaign manager Charles "Chuck" Gould: The writing in Zone One my review was astonishing enough that I resolved to seek out more of his work. The message was bleak enough that I wasn't in a hurry about it.


Though I picked up John Henry Days some time ago for a song, it was finding The Intuitionist that brought me back to him--I find a colson whitehead the intuitionist mystery hard to resist.

Except it wasn't, not really.


Allegory and all that. Except better, because it's not self-consciously ironic or a parody. On the surface, it's a pulpy noir fiction, set in a roughly parallel world colson whitehead the intuitionist ours, ugly racism warts and all, in an unnamed New York, during perhaps the s.

It's about a woman who works colson whitehead the intuitionist an elevator inspector, a member of the prominent and politically powerful Department of Elevator Inspectors.

The elevator doctrine has undergone a schismatic shift in the past decade, after Mr. James Fulton developed the theory of Intuition, the discipline of inspecting an elevator by analyzing one's experience of it.

The Intuitionist - Wikipedia

Lila Mae is the first colored woman in the department, only the second colored person colson whitehead the intuitionist the local chapter, and a disciple of Intuitionism. When a brand new elevator crashes thankfully, without passengersit seems she and the Intuitionists are being set up to take the fall and enable an easy political win for the Empiricists.

  • The Ascent of Man
  • THE INTUITIONIST by Colson Whitehead | Kirkus Reviews

Now some unknown person has sent tantalizing excerpts to various players in the industry. And since ''whoever owns the elevator owns the new cities,'' many people are desperate to obtain it.


Lila Mae, like many a classic noir heroine, finds herself caught in the middle, manipulated by all sides. Don't need to see anything, you just feel it, right?

In the quoted excerpts from Fulton's writings, the great man speaks like a prophet, dreaming a world in which every race can rise above the earthbound limitations of a corrupt status quo. Lila Mae, as the pioneer black inspector, is a harbinger of that identity, colson whitehead the intuitionist the imperatives of Empiricism and working toward a different -- and perhaps uniquely black -- way of approaching the problems of elevation.

The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead |

They judge them on how they appear when held up to the light, the wear on the carriage buckle, the stress fractures in the motor casing. Ultimately, I'm not sure Whitehead is in full control of the many thematic elements he has unleashed in this dense colson whitehead the intuitionist sometimes difficult book.

Toward the end, when Lila Mae discovers the missing notebooks and the verticality rhetoric ratchets up a few more notches, one can sense Whitehead's ambition straining against the seams of the pulp fiction story he's chosen to contain it.

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