Azad Rolling Shutter & Construction offering Collapsible Gate in Kota, Rajasthan. Get contact details, address, map on Indiamart. | ID: Om Engineers offering Collapsible Gate in Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Get contact details, address, map on Indiamart. | ID: Collapsible lattice-bar gates made from highly resistant sections with top quality materials. e piccole dimensioni. Collapsible gates TECHNICAL DETAILS.


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This door is fabricated from collapsible gate details mild steel sections. Courtesy - rf Also Read: What is Rolling Shutter Door? The collapsible door may be made of single or double shutters ; it depends on the size of the opening.


It does not require hinges for opening and shutters for closing. It occupies less space. Their simple design makes these collapsible gates ideal for ensuring the protection of premises or sites where the collapsible gate details must still be visible.


They guarantee anti-intrusion security and are perfect for the protection of doors, windows and terraces in houses, offices, schools. The rivets holding the uprights together were especially designed for the grille and in tests, collapsible gate details resisted a 'pull-out' force of kgs.

The collapsible gate details is supplied in an 'X' lattice pattern as standard, with an 'S' pattern as an option.

Barricade Collapsible Gate - Insurance Rated

collapsible gate details The lattice area is galvanised and then powder-coated white or in a colour of your choice from a range of colours. The galvanised and powder coated finish makes Barricade grilles very resistant to corrosion.

Barricade grilles have an x-lattice as standard and optionally an s-pattern. The grille is fully framed with a galvanised steel channel, 30mm high and 50mm wide.

What is a Collapsible Door?

In both cases, there is also the option collapsible gate details having the bottom track so that it either hinges up, or can be removed while the grille is open.

Hinge aside option The sash stack of the grille can optionally be hinged aside, leaving a wider opening when the grille is not in use. Please note that this option is unavailable for the Insurance approved version. Barricade Grille - Hinge Aside Option not available on Insurance approved version Hover over the image to enlarge Hinge aside notes The length of the folding collapsible gate details cannot exceed the height of the gate.

Barricade Collapsible Gate

Folding tracks with a length of mm or more are supplied with a retaining pin as standard see drawing above Maximum size for hinge aside: Folding tracks with a length of mm or more are supplied with a retaining pin as standard. This is located between collapsible gate details and mm from the collapsible gate details regardless of track length.

The retaining pin projects 60mm beyond the lock post.

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