I have been asked to accept a Mission Impossible, offering a forecast of how a leadership transition that is only in its early stages will affect two very complicated. 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (commonly referred to as Shíjiǔ Dà; Chinese: 十九大) was held at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing, between 18 and 24 October 2, delegates represented the party's estimated 89 million members.‎Preparations · ‎Revisions to the Party · ‎Leadership changes · ‎References. News, videos, ideas, and obsessions from the new global economy.


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Succession[ edit ] Xi Jinping was confirmed for a second term as General Secretary, and the ideology bearing his name was written into the party constitution As expected, Xi Jinping duly renewed his term as General Secretary of the Communist Party china leadership transition Chinathe party's top position and the de facto top office of China.

China’s Party Leadership Transition | Global Policy Watch

However, in JulySun was abruptly removed from office and then expelled from the party, upsetting the carefully china leadership transition balance prior to the opening of the congress. Since 16th Party Congress inits membership selection has become largely institutionalized, with mandatory retirement of any member who has reached the age of china leadership transition Five out of the seven members of the 18th Politburo Standing Committee relinquished their seats at this Congress birth year in parentheses: Wang himself, however, was reticent about this possibility, noting wryly in his remarks to journalists that he ought to step down soon.

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china leadership transition Ultimately, Wang retired from all committees at the congress. Li Zhanshu born — seen as a china leadership transition Xi confidant, promoted from head of the General Office directly to the number-three post in the party; likely will take over as Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in March and oversee Hong Kong affairs.


Wang Huning born — major figure in charge of theory and ideology in the Communist Party, China leadership transition Huning became the first theorist and ideologue to join the top rung of the party leadership since ; at the Congress he was named the top-ranked Secretary of the Secretariat.

Posted in China As the china leadership transition political shifts in Washington captivate the world, and the US reconsiders its traditional global leadership role, Chinese President Xi Jinping is positioning China to increase its own global role and influence.

Xi mounted a rousing defense of economic globalization though some business executives fighting market access barriers in China found more than china leadership transition touch of irony in the rhetoric.

At the same time, Mr. President Donald Trump earlier this month at Mr.


It china leadership transition against this backdrop that China is preparing for its own leadership transition later this year. The interplay between political transitions at china leadership transition and abroad could present a complex and intriguing plot for China watchers in the months to come.

The Party Congress convenes once every five years to elect the more than member Central Committee of the CCP, which is formally the highest authority within the Party.


In addition to appointing and confirming the make-up of various Party commissions, organs, and the CCP Secretariat, the Central Committee will elect the General Secretary, members of the Central Military Commission, the 25 members of the Politburo and, most importantly, the now seven members of the Politburo Standing Committee.

Under the china leadership transition of the General Secretary, the Standing Committee is where true power ultimately resides within the Party and, in this china leadership transition party state, within the entire Chinese political system.

Xi as having changed that, reducing the number to seven members and consolidating power in a more visibly hierarchical institution.

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