The author of Chanakya's Chant, Ashwin Sanghi is a director of the well-known M.K. Sanghi Group of Companies. Even though he is qualified as a businessman. Chanakya's Chant is a thrilling novel that tells its readers about a sharp parallel story between two individuals. One of these individuals is the very person who. The year is BC. A hunted, haunted Brahmin youth vows revenge for the gruesome murder of his beloved father. Cold, calculating, cruel and armed with a.


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Here the events are the key driving factors while detailing and characters become secondary. Although chanakya s chant much is evident that a painstaking amount of research has been put into gathering facts about Chanakya's life and the political environment of our country.

The book will bring back memories of history lessons in school when you were taught tales of valor of historical figures like Paurus or Alexander or even Chandragupta Maurya.

Although chanakya s chant may also plant the seeds of a nagging suspicion that not all their actions may have been as glorious or awe-inspiring as our history text books suggest. The narration switches back and forth between the two different eras, ending every arc of each story at a point which just heightens chanakya s chant suspense.

And one is compelled to read on to find out what happens next.

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The book can't exactly be called un-put-down-able till the end, but it packs in enough punch to make you want to reach the chanakya s chant as quickly as possible nevertheless.

Coming to the negatives, both Chanakya and Gangasagar are portrayed as almost invincible men and their plans are seldom or never thwarted. Cold, calculating, cruel and armed with complete absence of accepted morals, he becomes the most powerful political strategist in Bharat and succeeds in uniting a ragged country against the chanakya s chant of the army of the demigod, Alexander the great.


Pitting the weak edges of both forces chanakya s chant each other, he pulls off a wicked and astonishing victory and succeeds in installing Chandragupta Maurya on the throne of the mighty Mauryan empire. History knows him as the brilliant strategist Chanakya.

Chanakya's Chant

Chanakya s chant - and a little bored chanakya s chant by his success as a kingmaker through the simple summoning of his gifted mind, he recedes into the shadows to write Arthashastrathe science of wealth.

The only common thing is the premise picking a person from a humble background and propel them to the pinnacle of power. Well, if that is what is wrong with the character part, intelligence part is even worse. Chanakya was not just another ancient Machiavelli of the East.

Unlike, Machiavelli whose sole aim was to capture and hold on to power The PrinceChanakya was an also an extremely capable administrator Arthashastra:

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