Duodenal Cancer High Impact List of Articles PPts Journals This single-institution experience retrospectively reviewed the outcomes in 21 patients with primary duodenal adenocarcinoma. Twelve patients underwent. Expert-reviewed information summary about the treatment of small intestine cancer.


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Only 1 patient in the unresected group survived beyond 3 years. Tumor grade, size, and location within the duodenum had no cancer de duodeno on survival. Patient age and tumor depth of invasion influenced survival in univariate analysis, but lost their prognostic significance in multivariate analysis.

Duodenal adenocarcinoma: Advances in diagnosis and surgical management

An aggressive surgical approach that achieves complete tumor resection with negative margins should be pursued. Pancreaticoduodenectomy or segmental duodenal resection may be employed, depending on the tumor location, and either are acceptable options as long as negative margins and adequate lymphadenectomy can be cancer de duodeno.

Although specific data are limited, adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation should be considered for patients at high risk of recurrence.

Not surprisingly, given the rarity of the disease, cancer de duodeno is limited data to guide treatment decisions. Early studies grouped DA with other periampullary tumors pancreatic, ampullary, distal bile duct when discussing their management options.

However, in general, DA has a more favorable outcome.

For example, compared to some other periampullary malignancies, DA is more likely to be amenable to curative resection and has more favorable long term outcomes[ 3 ]. As a result, treatment strategies have tended to favor aggressive surgical resection. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive review of cancer de duodeno epidemiology, presentation, diagnosis, management and prognosis of DA with a cancer de duodeno emphasis on surgical principles.

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Among small bowel tumors, most malignancies arise from the ileum, followed by the duodenum and lastly the jejunum. While most tumors of the ileum are neuroendocrine in origin, adenocarcinoma is the most common duodenal cancer[ 4 - 6 ]. A cancer de duodeno of 30 patients with primary duodenal adenocarcinomas were identified.

The tumor locations were: No tumors arose from D1. cancer de duodeno

Duodenal cancer - Wikipedia

The patients presented with the following stages of disease: They also can spread to other sites and organs in the body. Diagnosing cancer de duodeno cancer can be difficult because symptoms occur in later stages of the disease.

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Chemotherapy is sometimes used to try to shrink the cancerous mass. Other times intestinal bypass surgery is tried to reroute the stomach to intestine connection around cancer de duodeno blockage. A ' Whipple ' procedure is a type of surgery that is sometimes possible with this cancer.

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