Now, though, I'd appreciate others sharing their thoughts about the world's finest bridge magazine. The Bridge World is a treasure. I'd like to. Numerous magazines have been devoted to the card game contract bridge. This list is Defunct, its rights are owned by The Bridge World Magazine Inc. The Bridge Set, founded and edited by George Bassman; defunct. Popular Bridge, a. The Bridge World Magazine, Bridge Books, Bridge Articles, Learn Bridge, Play Bridge, bridge resources.


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Every issue includes several features where readers can interact, participate or compete. The magazine is geared towards serious players of all skill levels, from intermediate to expert. TBW bridge world magazine generally regarded as the most prestigious bridge magazine.

List of contract bridge magazines - Wikipedia

Currently, Jeff Rubens is bridge world magazine and publisher. TBW is published monthly. The Bridge Journal, a quasi-monthly magazine; it published 30 issues from September to December The Bridge Set, founded and edited by George Bassman ; defunct.


bridge world magazine The Editorial usually discusses issues that are both timely and of import to tournament bridge players, and from time to time provides a forum for points of view that are not shared by the editorial staff.

A non-random sample of the topics that have appeared bridge world magazine the Editorial over the past 40 years: Conditions of contest that reward the deliberate loss of preliminary matches Effective disclosure of partnership agreements, particularly in international competition where Highly Unusual Methods HUMs are prevalent.

Similarly, the ongoing tension between players who wish to use their own bidding innovations and administrators who need to protect tournaments from HUMs.

The Bridge World - Wikipedia

Several problem hands, bridge world magazine with the bidding so far on each, bridge world magazine presented and the reader is asked what call he would make the number of problems per month has varied, but since the s at least it has settled in at eight per issue.

The answers to each question are given in the next issue, along with comments by expert panelists and by the panel's moderator.


This arrangement provides a means for the reader to improve his bidding skills, and to get a glimpse of the thought processes of the experts. An annual competition is held for the highest month total; the winner is invited to participate on the expert panel for a bridge world magazine.


For many years, the MSC was conducted by the same person each month: Morehead from until his death in Inthe MSC changed from a rotation of four directors to a rotation of six.

The form of the MSC has also changed markedly over the years. It was bridge world magazine conceived as a means by bridge world magazine readers could test themselves on the Culbertson Systemand for years it was held that there was only one correct answer to each problem — there being only one correct answer in the context of the Culbertson System.

In the s a system of partial credits was instituted, with the "correct" answer receiving points and lesser awards bridge world magazine to other answers. This approach continues in A related change occurred inwhen the answers provided by experts other than the director were printed, along with their comments.

According to TBW's history of the MSCthis was the magazine's first explicit acknowledgment that such a panel existed.

The publication of expert comments also continues bridge world magazine The experts' answers became influenced less by judgment and more by system, some experts even abstaining on occasion because bridge world magazine could not use a favored treatment.

Find their store hereorder back issues or subscribe. The Bridge World Editorial Staff:

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