Dead Stars is the concluding novel to Ben Galley's Emaneska series. The book is so big; Ben has released it in two volumes, the first of which. And finally, Dead Stars - Part Two. I had real fun animating this cover, especially with the storm effect. Thought it was appropriate given the stormy. Dead Stars - Part One (Emaneska Series Book 3) and millions of other books are . Dead Stars - Part Two (Emaneska) by Ben Galley Paperback $


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  • Dead Stars - Part One (Emaneska #3) by Ben Galley
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  • Dead Stars - Part One (Emaneska Series)
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The story of Farden shows a character who is intensely stubborn, headstrong and single minded when given purpose. He blames his magic for all his problems ben galley dead stars resorts to the drug Nevermar to banish it, he blames himself for the problems caused by the battle of the Pale Kings and the birth of his daughter and to solve this he disappears from Krauslung for 15 years.

When the God Loki brings him back he finally takes responsibility for saving the daemon touched Elessi and facing the coming onslaught but he will do it his way, retrieving something long lost and travelling where only the ben galley dead stars may go. A girl who was born to rip the stars from the sky and bring them crashing down to earth.

The direst enemy Emaneska has ever faced.


In the wake of the Battle of Krauslung, the world has changed. What is it with Elessi? The only agency she seems to have is the desire to land herself a Written husband. In addition, her anger at or perhaps even hatred of Farden is somewhat over ben galley dead stars top.

Dead Stars - Part One - Ben Galley - Google книги

Yes, he broke her heart, but this vindictiveness just didn't seem to fit the Elessi from the previous books. The two main antagonists in the story Samara and Lilith are just villains with no other dimensions.

I felt like Samara's motivations could have been far more developed and instead we just ben galley dead stars her desire for revenge on the people who killed her supposed father, Vice.

There are two more women who have a significant part in the narrative. The first is Moirin, the abused trophy wife of one of the Albion Dukes, who seemingly is only there to provide some motivation for Farden's dislike of her husband.

The second is Jeasin, an Albion whore who reminds Farden of Cheska, who is forced to betray him and who he is pressured into taking along back ben galley dead stars Krauslung. At one point he even describes her as 'just a lump of baggage' and beyond a desire to protect her girls, she doesn't really seem to have an agenda of her own, and even that is taken away once Farden whisks her to Krauslung.

Ben Galley – Dead Stars: part one – A Fantastical Librarian

Discussing this book will unavoidably provide spoilers for books one and two, The Written and Ben galley dead stars Kings respectively. If you want to remain unspoiled for the prior books, please click away or skip to the last paragraph of this review.


While I enjoyed the story of his Emaneska series so far, I ben galley dead stars some trouble with his treatment of his female characters and some, admittedly highly personal, issues with his writing style. The story picks up fifteen years after the ending of Pale Kings.

Ben Galley – Dead Stars: part one

Arka is rebuilding under the joint leadership of Durnus and Tyrfing, but reconstructing a city and a society that have been so thoroughly shattered, is proving to be more difficult than anyone could have thought.

Magick has begun to flourish, turning up in surprising places and individuals and the events in Pale Kings has caused an upwelling of new religious cults and sects.

ben galley dead stars


The forbidden fruit of his union with his dead lover Cheska, she has begun to kill off mages and especially Written at an alarming rate.

Meanwhile Farden has disappeared to Albion to eke out an existence which will let him forget his losses, leaving those who care for him ben galley dead stars.

Dead Stars - Part One

Galley builds up his narrative tension to a massive crescendo at the end of the book where we have a natural break in the action to end this first part and switch to the second. As Krauslung unknowingly balances on a knife-edge, tension mounts.

Insidious whispers have begun to spread, drawing new enemies to the surface. Discontent, fear, betrayal… it seems that the girl is not the only enemy Emaneska must face.

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