Feminist Theory established bell hooks as one of international feminism's most challenging and influential voices. This edition includes a preface by the aut. Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center [bell hooks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An Interview with bell hooks, author of Feminism is. In Bell Hooks' feminist theory, the goal is to create a perspective of equality that begins at the personal level. Instead of one gender deciding to privilege one.


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She explains how her past two long-term boyfriends were foiled by "patriarchal thinking" and sexist gender roles, so neither relationship ever really had a chance.

She continuously wanted to recommend a book for the men to read, but could not find bell hooks feminist theory that would clearly make her point to support her argument.

Bell hooks

For this reason, she decided to write her own, which would go into depth about her true feelings towards love. In this book, hooks combines her personal life experiences, along with philosophical and psychological ideas, to shape her thesis and discuss her main concepts.

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She criticizes the way in which love is used in today's society. To further explain, how we use the word without much meaning, when referring to how much we like or enjoy our favorite ice cream, color, or game.

Hooks bell hooks feminist theory very disturbed by the fact that our culture has lost the true meaning of love, and believes it is because we have no shared definition.

Bell hooks "Feminist Theory" by Arielle Corbin on Prezi

It is not about what we just feel, but more about what we do. She states, "So many people think that it's enough to say what bell hooks feminist theory feel, even if their actions do not correspond to what they are bell hooks feminist theory.

Bell hooks began her book with a series of spiritual messages, which include biblical verses to support her definition of love. She claims that a standard definition of love must include spiritual growth for one's self and others. Hooks identifies flaws with relationships nowadays since there is a loose understanding about love.

She shares personal experiences about fearing rejection and emotional pain.

Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center - Wikipedia

As a result, she acknowledges lacking full commitment and bell hooks feminist theory vulnerability because of the fear of not receiving those things in bell hooks feminist theory, so giving care and affection are the minimal expectations she had in her relationships.

However, those love components were not enough. Hooks introduces the necessity of practicing self-love and care to sustain healthy relationship with a concrete understanding of love. A sweeping examination of the core issues of sexual politics, eminists must acknowledge the full complexity and diversity of women's experience to create a mass movement to end women's oppression.

Hooks asserts that feminism cannot be successful until women are willing to recognize that historically, both genders are responsible for creating the societal circumstances which exist today.


All races must learn to conform with one another. Both genders must have a true equality as the foundation of the relationship. Feminism must hold all responsible and then transform the society instead of seeking to place blame. All people suffer in some way, even if some may not be oppressed or oppressed equally.

Bell hooks feminist theory men suffer when targeted by women for violence, just as a woman suffers when targeted for violence by a white man.

About Ashley F. Miller

That is why love must be at the foundation of feminist theory, social interaction, and perspectives of equality. It is impossible to love someone else thoroughly bell hooks feminist theory an individual can thoroughly love themselves. Under capitalistic rules, it is impossible to love oneself because a love of money must also be in the equation.

She argues that this idea is counterproductive and simply untrue, stating instead that "[w]e who are concerned about feminism and militarism must insist bell hooks feminist theory women even those who are bearers of children are not inherently non-violent or life-affirming.


Many women who mother either as single parents or in camaraderie with husbands have taught male bell hooks feminist theory to see fighting and other forms of violent aggression as acceptable modes of communication, modes that bell hooks feminist theory valued more than loving or caring interaction" Further, since these gender roles are not fully cemented by nature, she calls into question the glorification of motherhood as well, providing two distinct alternatives.

Rather than denigrating motherhood the easy alternative for some to glorifying itshe proposes that we do not praise motherhood as the only true way to parent children.

Feminist Theory

Instead, she says, we should teach men "ideally from childhood on, that fatherhood has the same bell hooks feminist theory and significance as motherhood" bell hooks feminist theory She continues, saying, "Women and men must define the work of fathering and mothering in the same way if males and females are to accept equal responsibility in parenting" She goes beyond the nuclear family structure, however, to consider the benefits of communal parenting, for both the children, the parents, and the rest of the community involved in raising the children.

As interesting as I find these points, they are not the the most compelling part of this book.

For me, that is found in hooks' two central points:

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