Chris said: I have a soft spot for Batman: Arkham City as it's the first graphic novel Too many titles and they are always redoing comic book characters and their. Batman: Arkham City is a five-issue American comic book limited series written by Paul Dini, drawn by Carlos D'Anda and published by DC Comics. It bridges. This page contains information about Batman: Arkham City (Volume 1). Batman: Arkham City is a limited comic book series published by DC Comics. It serves as.


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Batman: Arkham City by Paul Dini

When he attempts to return, Batman is attacked and cornered batman arkham city comic book highly-trained TYGER units, meant specifically to match him move-to-move. Nearly defeated, Batman is rescued by Catwomanwho is in Arkham to steal valuables and make strong allies in this case, Poison Ivy, who she had freed from a prison transport.


Elsewhere in the city, Joker is trying to prolong his inevitable fate by seeing a string of doctors. The latest doctor explains that Joker has been poisoned by a mutated form of the Titan formula, and presents him with a weaponized form of the Titan toxin.

  • See a Problem?

Hours following Batman's discovery of Hugo Strange's identity Batman gathers all available, and rather incriminating, information on him. He further boosts his popularity by secretly releasing Zsasz and having his forces recapture him, proving that The Gotham Police Force are weak and obsolete and giving TYGER a defining reputation.

Hugo Strange's goal is revealed batman arkham city comic book be to seize complete control over Gotham City and batman arkham city comic book Arkham City and TYGER, who are also under Sharp's mind control through hypnosis techniques, as a way to eliminate other super-villains.

With all the criminals in Gotham either fleeing the city or being locked up in Arkham City to fight to the death, Strange intends to become the leading power not only in Gotham's political affairs, but also in the criminal underworld.

But I felt I was missing something like how Arkham City came about. I had also orderedbut have held off reading it.


I did some research and found the proper order to read these graphic novels. And this led me to reading Batman: Similar batman arkham city comic book that classic movie: Escape from New York but with Batman! I have already ordered from Amazon or bought from my local comic shop: And I will pick up this weekend.


Then just a few more Arkham graphic novels to complete my collection. This all goes along with me picking up the "Assault on Arkham" Blu-ray yesterday.

Batman: Arkham City (comic book) - Wikipedia

The Arkham stories are such a contrast to the Batman series on Blu-ray that I am watching. Day and Night difference!

The Dark Knight was able to bring it under control, but not before Arkham was left in ruins following a final showdown with his nemesis, who had injected himself and numerous other test subjects with Titan, a Venom super-steroid batman arkham city comic book which had the ability to turn men into maddened monsters.

A mutated, beastly, Joker attempted to destroy Batman during the chaos, but after his eventual defeat was left sickly and weakened.

Batman: Arkham City Vol 1 | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In their ensuing murder spree, three hundred Gotham civilians are killed. This gives Mayor Sharp the pretext he needs to declare martial law and give himself almost unlimited legal powers under an imposed state of emergency.

Batman, wary of Sharp's secret new plans for Gotham, proceeds to investigate his records, discovering that the mayor is obsessed with him and that he is bordering on being declared a public enemy. Around batman arkham city comic book same time, the Caped Crusader also comes to the conclusion that someone has been manipulating Quincy behind the scenes; he is merely a puppet in a much larger game.

The concept of "Arkham City" is then unveiled shortly afterwards:

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