Browse this photo gallery for the most popular housing styles and types in North America. s - s: Cape Cod Style. s - New England Colonial. - mids: Dutch Colonial. s - mids: German Colonial. s - Georgian Colonial House Style. - Federal and Adam House Styles. Every house has a style. Sometimes it has two or more; because of renovations and new, eclectic mixes, fitting a home into one specific category can be. The term "house style" also means the body of conventions followed by a publisher. See house style. This is a list of styles in residence construction. This list predominantly refers to American architectural styles.


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American House Styles | This Old House

Because the entire house is on one floor, Ranch houses can be sprawling. The Ranch house became the quintessential modern house in the s and ' The foundations are rectangles american house styles with one or more additions; roof lines are also simple.


Farmhouses follow many 19th century designs, including tall, narrow windows laid out american house styles cross breeze, large porches, wood siding, and may even include a metal roof. According to Snider, the interior might include built-ins like window seats, display cases or dining booths.

The Cottage style is similar to the Craftsman except that the details are simpler, less expensive, and the woodwork american house styles usually painted.

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Modern houses use flat or lower slope roofs, horizontal windows and large, undecorated fireplaces. They embrace the horizontality of the landscape and automobile culture.

A big, fancy Queen Anne, the most colorful Victorian style! A tall turret is a classic feature on larger Queen Anne homes.

This modest one-story cottage is also considered Queen Anne style — This Old House Queen Annes are best known for their multi-hued color schemes and complex siding and trim details. But the style also applies to much less complex homes, even one-story homes — what makes a house a Queen Anne is the irregular, asymmetrical massing and usually, a large front-facing gable.

Queen American house styles style was in vogue between and A classic Shingle style home american house styles San Francisco — ArchitecturalSF Shingle style is uniquely American in origin, and was one of the first styles to be embraced by society Architects of the late s.

The 10 Home Styles That Are Most Popular Around America | HuffPost Life

american house styles Shingle style homes are often similar in massing to the Queen Anne style, but as the name suggests, used wood shingle siding as exterior cladding.

Wrapping the wall shingles around corners is a classic Shingle detail.


Shingle was popular at the same time as Queen Anne, between and The Eclectic Period In the late 19th and early 20th century, Architects began returning to classic historical styles for american house styles. Remember when I said american house styles get more complicated in the 20th century?

More about that in a future post! Advertisement 2 of 8 Photo: But its trademark elements—including handmade clay tile roofs, thick plastered walls, and deep-set windows—are design legacies of old Andalusian farmhouses in southern Spain.


To muddy the waters further, revival styles sometimes have revivals. The Queen Anne style was, itself, an adulteration of previous styles american house styles a 19th-century version of Post-Modern.

Many homes will not fit into a single style category.

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